Urban Forest Management Plan FAQ's

Urban Forest Management Plan FAQ's

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How is the term "Urban Forest" being defined for the purposes of this Plan?

Kingston's Urban Forest includes all trees growing individually or within woodlands, naturally or planted, on municipally owned land within the urban boundary of the City of Kingston. It includes trees in natural areas, along roads, within boulevards, in parks, and as landscaped features around residences,  schoolyards, and commercial buildings.

What is the Kingston Urban Forest Management Plan?

Kingston's Urban Forest Management Plan will set the framework for sustaining the urban forest for the next 25 years. It will:

  • Articulate a vision for sustaining Kingston's urban forest into the year 2025;
  • Establish strategic goals and objectives regarding the management and sustainability of its urban forests;
  • State what is needed to manage the urban forest and describe activities and services required to execute these responsibilities efficiently and effectively;
  • Identify proven and appropriate arboricultural techniques and operational procedures that will ensure long term community enjoyment of the forest;
  • List strategic actions and priorities for the forest consistent with the established vision, goals, and objectives; and
  • Make recommendations that will ensure the long term sustainability of Kingston's urban forest.

Why should we care about the urban forest 25 years from now?

We're all familiar with the intrinsic value of trees; the sense of inner peace you experience on a walk in a treed park, or the relief provided by tree shade on a hot summer's day. Yet trees provide many other essential services to our community, the environment, and the economy, including removing pollutants from surface and groundwater, enhancing services provided by traditional civil engineering such as stormwater management, retention of greenhouse gases and air pollutants and commemoration of important people and events.

How does the Urban Forest Management Plan relate to other City initiatives?

The Urban Forest Management Plan and its recommendations will be consistent with existing policies intended to protect and enhance trees and tree cover as set out in Kingston's new Official Plan and the Tree Bylaw. It will also be consistent with the spirit and intent of the community's vision for the City of Kingston; "Kingston — Canada's Most Sustainable City" as well as with the Guiding Principles for Kingston's draft Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, called Sustainable Kingston, which recognizes the value of community well being, community ownership and participation, transparency, and resiliency as key principles for sustaining our future.

How will the Plan be implemented and by whom?

The Plan will be implemented primarily by the City's Department of Public Works. City staff also plan to seek advice through an advisory council of resident experts in the fields of forestry and arboriculture. While the Plan will contain budget implications that will be addressed through the established annual municipal budgeting process, it will also contain many other opportunities for sustaining our urban forest through partnerships and programs.


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