Old Sydenham Heritage Conservation District

Old Sydenham Heritage Conservation District

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The Old Sydenham Heritage Conservation District Plan includes policies and design guidelines to guide change within this lovely and historic part of Kingston to conserve, protect and enhance its valued heritage character.

Known for its beautiful architecture and historic setting, the Old Sydenham Heritage Area consists of about 550 properties bordered roughly by Johnson Street, Barrie Street, King Street East and Lake Ontario. It is home to some of the finest examples of 19th century architecture in Canada and represents more than 200 years of Kingston's history.

Designated a Heritage Conservation District in 2015

Old Sydenham was first identified as an area of special heritage character worthy of protection in 1960s municipal planning documents. In 2009, City council endorsed the district study and recommended pursuing the Heritage Conservation District designation for the area under the Ontario Heritage Act by undertaking the district plan – officially adopted by the passing of a municipal bylaw on March 24, 2015.

The new district plan is available for download at right. In addition, the properties within the district have been evaluated and documented developed on a street-by-street basis.

What it means to be a designated Heritage Conservation District:

  • Designation manages change in ways that support area character and enhance properties;
  • Designation celebrates what is special about the district, building neighbourhood pride and encouraging compatible improvement to both public and private properties;
  • A permit process managed by City staff, using the policies and guidelines of the District Plan ensures routine maintenance does not require a permit. Minor alterations, as defined in the plan, will be delegated to staff for approval under the terms of the Procedural Bylaw for Heritage and larger projects will be reviewed by the Heritage Kingston committee and approved by Council;
  • Designation does not require the owner to restore the property or maintain the building beyond what is expected of any property owner;
  • Designation does not permit public access to private property;
  • Designation establishes a fair, clear and efficient process for managing the heritage character of the district;
  • District properties are eligible for certain municipal grants.

Property Evaluations

Sydenham HCD - Property Evaluations - Bagot Street

Sydenham HCD - Property Evaluations - Barrie Street

Sydenham HCD - Property Evaluations - City Park & Cricket Field

Sydenham HCD - Property Evaluations - Clergy Street

Sydenham HCD - Property Evaluations - Courthouse Complex

Sydenham HCD - Property Evaluations - Earl Street

Sydenham HCD - Property Evaluations - Emily Street

Sydenham HCD - Property Evaluations - Gore Street

Sydenham HCD - Property Evaluations - Johnson Street

Sydenham HCD - Property Evaluations - King Street East

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