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The following parking-related projects are currently underway:

HonkMobile Expansion

HonkMobile has been extended to all Municipal Pay & Display parking lot locations and accessible on-street parking spaces across the city. The additional lots available as a payment option through HonkMobile include:

  • Frontenac Court House Lot – 5 Court St.
  • Waterfront Lot – 1421 King St W.
  • Richardson Beach Lot – 1421 King St W.
  • Pumphouse Lot – 23 Ontario St.
  • Central Library Lot – 130 Johnson St.
  • Gorsline Lot – 811 Princess St.
  • Anglin Lot (events only) – 1 Bay St.

With the HonkMobile app, residents and visitors can seamlessly search, pay for and top up parking from a phone, tablet or computer. HonkMobile is available in addition to the existing payment options. Pay & Display meters will remain available.


City Park Ring Road

The Ring Road through City Park is closed to motor vehicles. Motorists are no longer able to drive or park on the road. The road will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists. The road has been used and damaged by motorists for several years and this closure will allow the City to improve the condition of the road for active transportation and event uses.

Park visitors who drive to the park will continue to have many parking options in the immediate area, including metered parking both on-street and in nearby parking lots.


Rideaucrest Lot Parking Changes

The Rideaucrest Parking Lot has been updated to a Pay & Display lot, with HonkMobile available as a payment option. The short-term visitor parking area located to the front of Rideaucrest has been expanded to 16 spaces. Extended stay parking is available on-site in the main, back and accessible lots.

Proposed hourly Pay & Display rates

The following rates now apply. No change was made to the monthly permit fee.

  • Weekdays - 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. - $1.50/hr.
  • Overnight Monday to Thursday 3 p.m. to 8 a.m - $3 flat rate
  • Weekends - Friday 3 p.m. to Monday 8 a.m. - $3 flat rate 
  • Holidays - no payment required

Other Options

  • Park on the street with a monthly on-street permit.
  • Use Kingston Transit via the 801/802 Express Routes. Plan your trip now.
  • Family members of Rideaucrest residents can purchase a lot permit.

Family members lot permit

Your permit allows you to park in the Rideaucrest parking lot at any time. Visit the Parking Lots & Garages page for more information. 

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