Parking plan to accommodate cycling lanes in Williamsville

A number of metered parking spaces were removed from Princess Street between Macdonnell and Division Streets to accommodate the addition of cycling lanes.

Metered parking being added to the side streets

City staff developed a plan that identifies the number and location of parking spaces that will remain on Princess Street once the cycling lanes are added. To offset the reduction of spaces on Princess Street, short-term, metered parking were introduced along neighbouring side streets in this area, generally within 100 metres of Princess Street.

Williamsville metered parking spaces following installation of cycling lanes between Macdonnell and Division Streets:

  • 50 metered parking spaces will remain on Princess Street
  • 34 metered parking spaces will remain on side streets
  • 50 new metered parking spaces on side streets
  • 42 parking spaces on side streets may be metered in the future

Current metered parking in the area:

  • 116 metered parking spaces on Princess Street
  • 34 metered parking spaces on the side streets

View the maps to see where parking along Princess Street has changed; and where parking meters were installed along neighbouring side streets.

Balancing the need for parking with the need for bike-friendly improvements

The City seeks to balance the needs of businesses and residents who rely on nearby parking with the need to provide infrastructure that supports active transportation in your developing area. Princess Street is being made more bike-friendly to encourage more people to choose active forms of transportation – including cycling, walking and public transit – to travel to and from this central, revitalized and increasingly busy area.