Crews are working on assigned schedules with all available resources focused on park and sport fields grass cutting. The spring's prolonged extremely wet conditions have greatly effected and delayed maintenance operations, delayed opening diamonds and sport fields for play and delayed effective mowing operations.

Grass-cutting and City green space

Creating and protecting Kingston's green spaces – both wild and groomed – is a key City priority

The City operates and maintains:

The City takes great pride in preserving our well-loved and active parks, trails and green spaces for the enjoyment of Kingstonians and visitors.

Cutting Kingston's grass

Cutting the grass in the City's groomed areas is determined by:  the planned use for the green space; the availability of grass-cutting resources (see below); and the weather.  

For example: during the playing season – and weather-permitting – irrigated sports fields are mowed twice a week and unirrigated sports fields once a week.

Please note that many parks have planned naturalized areas intentionally left to grow wild and keep to pathways to enjoy non-wild walks – reducing the risk of coming into contact with poison ivy and ticks.

Have questions about the maintenance of a municipally-owned green space? Contact Us.

Your lawn and garden: care that it's pesticide free

Please help us keep Kingston beautiful and environmentally-friendly:

  • Take pride in your property and incorporate these pesticide-free natural lawn and gardening methods.
  • Care for the boulevards beside your property.

Avid gardeners may also be interested in participating in Kingston's community gardens .