Aqua Fit incorporates the familiar composition of warm-up, aerobics, muscle conditioning and cool-down with the physical properties of resistance, buoyancy and warmer temperatures. Water exercise exerts less impact on lower joints and is suitable for both male and female swimmers and non-swimmers.

Cost: Regular drop-in rates apply.

Aqua Energy: A full body water based workout with low-impact exercises designed to improve cardiovascular capacity. This non-stop class incorporates aqua weights and pool noodles to give a full body energizing workout.

Aqua Intensity: A full body water based workout with exercises designed to improve flexibility, muscular endurance and overall strength. Aqua weights and pool noodle use adds extra resistance to exercises to challenge and improve your fitness level.

Before you go: Swimming schedules are subject to change. Check the Closures & Cancellations page for the latest updates.
There is no leisure swim at Artillery Park on June 28 as stated below.  This information pulls from a database that contains an error and, for technical reasons, cannot immediately be updated. Our apologies.
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