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The City is committed to your safety. Familiarize yourself with the pool rules and let us know if you require clarification, or if you have a medical condition that requires some assistance. We are pleased to help. For more information call 613-546-4291, ext. 1719 or 1722.

Pool Admission Standards

To ensure that children have a safe and enjoyable swimming experience, the City has implemented a wristband procedure. This allows staff to identify children at greater risk of accidents and ensure adequate supervision when in the pool area. All children 9 years of age and under will be given an wristband by the facility staff.

  • The ratio of children ages 9 and under to caregiver may be a maximum of three bathers to one caregiver (3:1)
  • Children 6 years and under must be accompanied in the water, within arm's reach, by a caregiver 16 years of age or older
  • Children 7 - 9 years of age must be accompanied in the water, within arm's reach by a caregiver 16 years of age or older OR if the child passes the facility swim test the caregiver must be in the pool enclosure
  • Children 10 years of age and older who are swimmers may be admitted to the pool unaccompanied based on the drop-in program description. Those who cannot demonstrate comfort in the water or pass the facility swim test must remain in the shallow end
  • Caregiver or group leaders are responsible for children in their care while in the facility and must directly supervise the children at all times
  • Caregiver or group leaders must be a minimum of 16 years of age
  • The use of swim diapers is required for bathers requiring diapers. Disposable diapers are not permitted in the water

Facility Swim Test: Individuals must demonstrate comfort in the water, at the discretion of the lifeguard. Swim a minimum of two widths continuously on their front. Aquatic staff reserves the right to ask any patron to complete the swim test.

Help prevent pool closures

Pool foulings caused by vomit or feces result in pool closures of two to 14 hours.  

You can help prevent pool closures by:

  1. Refraining from eating large meals or feeding children immediately prior to entering the pool
  2. Visiting the washroom before entering the pool
  3. Refraining from entering the pool if you or your child feels ill
  4. Using swim diapers for children who are not toilet trained and adults with incontinence.  Both adult and child swim diapers are available for sale at the front desk
  5. Showering prior to pool entry to remove contaminants including dead skin, dirt, sweat, body oils and feces from entering the pool.


Showering is mandatory prior to entering the pool; no exceptions. A thorough shower with soap before you enter the pool will help keep the water clean for your swimming enjoyment. Lifeguards will encourage patrons back to change rooms if they have not showered. 

Serious medical conditions

Those with serious medical conditions should be accompanied by an individual knowledgeable of their condition and responsible for their direct supervision. Your medical doctor should be consulted before swimming.

Lazy River (Outdoor Aqua Park)

Children 9 years and under must pass the facility swim test or wear a lifejacket within arm's reach of a caregiver (ratio 2:1).

Water slide (Outdoor Aqua Park)

The height requirement for the waterslide is 4 feet/122 cm. Patrons must lay down while using the slide. Life jackets are not permitted on the water slide.

Sauna (Artillery Park Aquatic Centre)

You must be 16+ years to use the sauna. Swimmers must shower after using the sauna before re-entering the pool. The sauna will be open during all recreational swim programs.

Swimming attire

Everyone on the pool deck must wear appropriate bathing attire. No street clothes are allowed. Children who are not toilet trained must wear tight-legged plastic pants or water diapers made for swimming pool use. Water diapers are available for purchase at the registration desk.

Change Room Policy

All children 7+ years are required to use the change room of their gender or the family change room. Family change rooms are available at Artillery Park Aquatic Centre and the Outdoor Aqua Park. If you are accompanying a child of the same gender, please use the gender-specific change rooms.

Cell phone and electronics policy

The use of electronic recording devices capable of rendering a photograph are prohibited in the fitness room, change rooms, pool deck or washrooms in all City of Kingston facilities.

Food and drink

Only water in a plastic container is permitted on the pool deck. Bring a reusable drinking container.

Personal belongings and lockers

For the safety of your belongings, please use lockers. We cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen items. Change room lockers are for day use only and you must provide your own lock; locks and contents will be removed if left overnight.

Lane Swim Etiquette

The following lane swim etiquette is in place to help swimmers avoid conflict and to make everyone's swimming experience more enjoyable.

  • Follow lane directions.
  • When passing, it's your responsibility to look for oncoming swimmers.
  • When a swimmer touches your feet, that's an indication that they want to pass. Swim to the next wall, then stop and let them go ahead of you.
  • Leave space between you and the swimmer ahead of you.
  • When resting, use the corner of the lane.
  • If you are passing most of the other swimmers, it is time to move to the faster lane.
  • If you are being passed by most of the other swimmers, it's time to move to a slower lane.
  • Adjust your swimming lane daily. The speed of the lane varies day-to-day depending on who is swimming.
  • Don't take it personally if the lifeguard redirects you to another swim lane. Your safety is our first concern.
  • If you have questions don't hesitate to ask a lifeguard.

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Lane Swim Directions

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