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Keep your workouts exciting by trying new ways to move at one of the City's drop-in fitness classes. The class offerings change seasonally — check out the Activity Schedules for current schedules and explore the class descriptions below for more information. Fitness Centre members can enjoy member drop-in classes at no added cost!

Register for a fitness class or drop-in when it suits you.

Drop-in fitness classes are available at the following locations:

Drop-in Fitness Classes

Quick Fit 4 Lunch

Nothing is better than splitting up your day with a 45 minute rejuvenating workout! Come join us for a variety of fun and challenging exercises. No workout is the same which keeps you excited and always on your toes!


No we're not talking about the sandwich. We're talking about BUNS, LEGS and TUMMIES! Come join us on your lunch break for a full body workout specifically targeting your core and lower body!

Fitness @ 5

A program that offers variety of fitness classes each week. Includes boot camps, cardio core, circuits, step and more!


Zumba's Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves create a fantastic calorie-burning, body-energizing workout, which will leave you feeling amazing and looking forward to working out!

Morning Yoga

Wake up and start your weekend off right with Morning Yoga. Learn traditional yoga poses and sequences that are designed to energize your body and mind. Progressively gets more challenging. Discover the balance between strength and flexibility; effort and relaxation.

Power Yoga

Prepare to work hard in the class combining strength and flexibility for a vigorous workout! Perfect for those who enjoy exercises and for those who like to break a sweat while improving your mind-body connection. Breathing, toning, strengthening, balancing and much more will have you leaving feeling cleansed and renewed!

Cardio Tone

Let the music move you! Great music and moves and a lot of fun! Join this great low impact aerobics class that will work your entire body!


Learn traditional yoga postures and sequences that are designed to energize your body and mind. Progressively gets more challenging.

Cycle Fit

Build endurance and speed on the bike. It will assist in the development of core muscles and strengthen your lower body. Classes are designed for beginners to experienced participants. Work at your own pace and ability.

Multi-level Yoga

This class is perfect for the beginner yoga enthusiast as well as for those wishing to challenge their current yoga abilities. No experience necessary.

Hard Core

A fitness class focusing on strengthening all muscles of the core! Pair this workout with the Cycle Fit class which takes place immediately before and you've got a full body workout helping you lose inches off your waist!

Body Sculpt & Core

Join our revved up body sculpt and core class where intervals of traditional body weight resistance and aerobic exercises are designed to challenge and sculpt! Classes may incorporate drills to improve agility, power, strength, balance and reaction time. Class is suitable to all levels of ability!

Weekend Warrior

A fun, energizing total body conditioning class designed to challenge your current fitness level and get you one step closer to your fitness goals.

Recreational opportunities must be accessible and affordable to all who wish to make use of what the City has to offer to lead full lives.  The City's PROkids charity and Municipal Fee Assistance program help ensure that cost is not a barrier to participation.