Canadian winters create potholes. When temperatures rise, water from thawed snow seeps into small cracks on roads and then expands when it freezes again causing cracks to grow. The more often we experience this thaw/freeze cycle, the more potholes form.

When not addressing winter plowing and salting/sanding needs, the City's Public Works staff use ‘cold patch' to try to maintain potholes until more permanent repairs can be carried out.

Report a Pothole

Please call 613-546-0000 or Contact Us to report the location of a pothole on city streets. To report a pothole on the 401 please call the Ministry of Transportation at 613-544-2220.

This provides Public Works staff the opportunity to investigate areas of most concern and to assign limited resources efficiently.

Pothole Claims

The City receives a number of pothole claims every spring. Unlike many other types of maintenance, the Municipal Act, 2001 sets the rules that the City has to follow to avoid claims for such damage.

These Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways (MMS) and can be found on the Provincial Government's E-Laws website, at the following link:

These Provincial standards require the City to fix a pothole within a period that ranges between 4 days and 30 days, depending on the size of the pothole and whether it is on a paved or an unpaved road. The City's obligation to fix a pothole is triggered only after the municipality becomes aware of the problem.

When the City receives a pothole claim, it will determine whether the Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways were met. If the City met those standards, the City is not responsible.

Pothole on a city street