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Be a Snow Angel: clear a neighbour's snow or ice

Nominations for this year’s Snow Angel program have closed. Thank you to those who shared their Snow Angel story on Get Involved Kingston.

Snow Angels are people who notice when neighbours may need help keeping a driveway, a stretch of sidewalk or a catch basin clear of snow and ice and decide to do it for them. Can you think of someone who could use a helping hand? Removing snow and ice for a neighbour is a wonderful way to show you care, and that we live in a neighbourly community.

Kingston Fire & Rescue reminds you that keeping fire escapes, exit doors and fire hydrants clear of snow and ice helps save lives.

Have a Snow Angel? Show your appreciation.

Snow Angels, by nature, are modest, everyday heroes who melt hearts with their kind efforts. They may not seek reward or acknowledgement, but we know they deserve to be appreciated!

To nominate your Snow Angel, visit Get Involved Kingston – our online site to share, participate and engage. Nominations are open until the end of March.

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