Packing up to leave town?

These tips will help you pack up to clear out.

  1. Finalize your utility service accounts. Contact Utilities Kingston or your utility service provider to finalize your account. The only person authorized to make any changes to the account is the person whose name appears on the bill. If your name appears on the bill, you are considered fully responsible for the account until your cancellation request is received and processed.
  2. Categorize your items. Pack items you are taking with you.  Unwanted items should be divided into:
  • Gently-used items you wish to give away to friends, neighbours or local charities (call to confirm the charity will take the items). The City holds giveaway days in April and October.  Watch here for details. Consider giving food items to the Partners in Mission food bank.
  • Items that can be recycled/diverted from landfill or composted.
  • Items that have outlived their usefulness and need to go in the garbage or to the dump. Your household may put out one untagged bag of garbage per week. If you have more garbage, you may buy garbage bag tags ($2 per tag). The City will collect all your tagged garbage.

Should debris be left at a property an administration fee of $125 and the cost of clean-up will be applied to the property tax bill. Please note that penalties for illegal disposal can be as high at $5000.