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In November 2018, Kingston Transit will install video camera equipment on all buses. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the video camera system.

What are the benefits of adding video cameras on public transit buses? 

The addition of the cameras will:

  • Enhance the protection and safety of employees and the general public
  • Deter and investigate incidents of vandalism or criminal activity
  • Protect Kingston Transit property and assets
  • Assist in the investigation and resolution of customer complaints

What about privacy?

The operation of Kingston Transit's video cameras will be in accordance with the City of Kingston's video surveillance policy.

What areas of the bus does the camera system cover? 

The camera system will record video and audio on both the inside and outside of the bus using multiple cameras. The number of cameras and locations vary depending on the size and model of the bus, but in general includes: 

  • Front Door: The area near the front door and the bus operator compartment area
  • Front and Rear Exterior View: The area in front of, beside and behind the bus
  • Passenger Areas: The area where passengers are seated/standing
  • Rear Door: The area of the rear exit

How does the camera system work? 

The video and audio is stored on a secure on-board Digital Video Recorder (DVR) hard drive, and can only be accessed by authorized Kingston Transit personnel. The collected data will only be used for the purposes described in the City of Kingston's video surveillance policy. The policy identifies who has authorization to access the information.

Do other Transit Systems use camera systems?

Yes. The use of video cameras is very common in the public transit industry.  Video cameras on buses are effective at improving the safety and security of transit staff, riders and the community as a whole.

Is someone watching the cameras all the time?

No. In the event of an emergency, authorized Kingston Transit personnel can view the cameras in real-time to provide information to emergency services providers.

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