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Google Transit is now the City's official Trip Planning tool. It offers a mapped look at alternative bus routes to your destination in an accessible format, along with Google language options, and can interact with the GPS on most mobile devices.  The City's original Trip Planner was decommissioned as of August 1, 2014.

Google Transit Trip Planner



Some temporary detours (e.g. road closures, construction) may not be reflected in the Trip Planner. See the Service Alerts page for the latest updates.

Like the Kingston Transit Trip Planner, Google Transit offers suggested trip plan options based on user-input addresses or business names to deliver riders to their destinations on time. The resulting trips are displayed on a Google Map, which offers icons indicating bus stops, route numbers, transfer points and sections of the trip that will require walking or an alternate form of transportation. An accompanying list of text instructions offers a trip timeline for departures, transit, transfers, walking and arriving at the destination.

First Timers

Are you a first time Google Transit user? The following video may be helpful to get you started.

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