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Garbage & recycling collection schedules will be affected by the Canada Day holiday. Find out more...

Use green bins for food waste
As of May 1, 2017, waste collectors will not collect green bins used only for yard waste.

Show us your food waste!  Collectors must see food waste and/or soiled paper products – either loose or in a paper or BPI-certified liner – in your bin in order to collect it.

See this video on how to put out your green bin so that it is collected as expected.

This change to the Waste Bylaw is aimed at encouraging the use of the green bin for food waste and reducing the cost associated with diverting yard waste through the green bin.

  • It costs $90 a tonne to divert green bin waste because it requires more processing.
  • It costs just $35 a tonne to compost yard waste brought to the Kingston Area Recycling Centre, 196 Lappan's Lane, or collected by the City in the fall.

For more details, view the FAQs.

These City tools and programs are aimed  at helping Kingston divert 65 per cent of its household waste from landfill. Recycling and waste that can be composted or diverted through special programs are NOT garbage. Don't be a waster: if it's not garbage, don't put it in the garbage.  

Don't know where it goes? Use the Waste Sorting Look-up.

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