All sports fields are closed for the season.

The City of Kingston has a variety of arenas, sports fields, meeting rooms, community halls and other facilities available for use by individuals, groups and organizations.

If you are planning an event,  questions about City facilities, sports fields, arenas, parks and meeting rooms can be answered by the facility booking staff.

Users can also reserve and get more info about the following:

Arrangements can be made to provide audio/visual support, overhead projectors, flip charts, and sound systems for a nominal fee. Catering services can also be arranged.

To assist the community, the Waiver of Fees Policy supports waiving of fees to not-for-profit organizations requesting use of municipal facilities for programs, community and special events. Please review the policy guidelines and submit an application to be considered.

Rental Rates

All rates are hourly unless otherwise indicated.

Meeting Rooms

Rate $15.00 - $103.41*

* Unless otherwise indicated.


The City owns and operates five arenas with nine ice pads.

Ice/Floor & Arenas

Summer June 1 - August 31
Morning Ice (Last Minute) $166.66 ($126.08)
Prime Time (Last Minute) $293.35 ($219.54)
Non-Prime Time (Last Minute) $219.54 ($166.66)
Spring, Fall & Winter September 1 - May 31
Morning Ice $126.08 ($94.56)
Prime Time (Youth) $219.54 ($166.66)
Prime Time (Adult) $293.65 ($219.54)
Non-Prime Time $166.66 ($126.08)

* Last minute ice is released and available to be booked on Monday for the week.

Sports Fields

The City owns and operates Soccer Fields, a BMX Track, Baseball and Softball Diamonds. Sports fields are allocated in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Sportsfield Allocation Policy.

Baseball/Softball Diamonds

Field Rental  
  Youth Adult
Major $5.26 $12.50
Major/Lighted $15.91 $34.82
Minor $3.32 $7.74
  Youth Adult
Full Day $87.37 $195.72
Half Day $56.83 $127.35


Soccer Fields *

Field Rental  
  Youth Adult
Major $21.16 $53.08
Major/Lighted $55.40 $108.73
Minor $13.84 N/A

* There is a 10% capital surcharge on all soccer fields

BMX Track

Track Rental  
  Youth Adult
  $9.05 $21.85


City Facilities, Fields and Park Rentals

CaraCo Home Field & John Machin Artificial Turf Field *

  Adult Prime Time Youth Prime Time Non Prime Time
Entire Facility $115.93 $86.94 $69.56
Track or Field $92.74 $69.55 $55.65
High Jump or Pole Vault $43.47 $32.60 $20.87
Long Jump or Shot Put $28.98 $21.74 $13.91

* 10% capital surcharge added to all turf field rentals


  Hourly Rate
1-149 People $15.59
150-199 People $29.08
200-249 People $36.31
250+ People $43.78


Pools *

Indoor - Artillery Park  
Vicki Keith Pool $60.27
Vicki Keith & Leisure Pool $91.64
Wading Pools $36.02
Outdoor Aqua Park $160.93

* Lifeguard fees extra for all pools