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Business Licences

Some businesses require a municipal licence in Kingston. This ensures we can review business operations to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of the public. Our Business Licensing Bylaw outlines what kinds of businesses need a licence.  

Review the different licence and permit types. If you have any questions, please contact us: 

Apply for a business licence

Sign up/log in to MyKingston to complete your application online and ensure we can fulfill your request effectively. Require an alternate format? You can Contact Us.

Licence renewals 

Business licences must be renewed annually by Dec. 31. Registered businesses will receive a notice in the mail or via email. To renew your licence, contact our licensing team. 


Certain businesses may be exempt from a business licence. For more information on exempt business types, contact our licensing team. 

Processing time 

Processing time depends on the type of licence you need and how many departments or organizations need to review your application. Our licensing team can give you an idea of how long it might take, but if there are any problems found during the review it could slow things down. We will let you know if there are any issues with your application. 

Licence fees 

Business licence fees will depend on the type of business and are outlined in our Fees and Charges Bylaw. Current fees are listed in the licence type details below. For more information specific to your business, contact our licensing team. 

Licence types

  • Adult entertainment establishments 
      • 2024 fee: $1647 
  • Adult entertainment attendants 
      • 2024 fee: $168 
  • Adult entertainment stores 
      • 2024 fee: $494 

This applies to every place where five or more “amusement machines” (such as pinball machines or video games) are located. 

2024 fee: $168 

This applies to every person who sells or offers goods or services for sale by public auction.  

2024 fee: $168 

This applies to every person involved in repairing motor vehicles or offering related services.  

2024 fee: $87 

This applies to every place where billiard, pool or bagatelle tables are available for use by the public.  

2024 fee: $86 for the first table, $43 for each additional table

This is applicable to any food premises, other than a food cart or truck, where meals are prepared for consumption on the premises or sold directly to customers for consumption elsewhere.  

2024 fee: $128-$503 (depending on capacity and risk category) 

This applies to every place of business where gasoline or other fuels are sold.  

2024 fee: $85 

This applies to every person who goes from place to place on foot or in a vehicle to sell or promote the sale of goods. 

2024 fee: $171 for non-residents and $85 for residents  

This applies to every premise where four or more people (excluding staff) are lodged in return for a fee. 

2024 fee: $167 

This applies to any place of business where meat is sold.  

2024 fee: $85 

This applies to any person or entity licensed as a lender or loan broker under the Payday Loans Act, 2008. 

2024 fee: $328 (initial) $167 (annual renewal) 

This applies to every person who carries on the business of a pawnbroker. 

2024 fee: $167 

This applies to every person who sells live animals as household pets.  

2024 fee: $167 

This applies to every vehicle from which food intended for immediate consumption is sold.  

2024 fee: $86-$378 (depending on the refreshment vehicle classification) 

This applies to every place of business where hair, aesthetic and other personal services are provided.  

2024 fee: $85 

This applies to every person that proposes to sell or promote the sale of goods for part of the year in a specific location.  

2024 fee: $44-$2,467 (depending on the classification and duration of sales) 

This applies to every person engaged in the sale of any item while on a public street or sidewalk or other municipal property.  

2024 fee: $0-$50, or $4800 annually (depending on location and class) 

This applies to anyone who proposes to perform on a sidewalk. 

2024 fee: $43 

This applies to every place of business where theatrical performances, concerts and other types of entertainment are held, including movie theatres and drive-in theatres.  

2024 fee: $334 

This is applicable to every person who keeps tobacco for sale or trade. 

2024 fee: $329 

Other business licences

Patios or other seating arrangements located within the public right-of-way (including sidewalks or on-street parking spaces) require a patio permit. Patio permits are administered by the City’s Transportation Services. 

Planning Services may require approval for patios located on private property. To learn more, please email the Planning Department. Learn more about how to apply for Street Patio Permit.

Short-term rentals must be licensed in the city of Kingston. Applications are administered by the licensing department. Learn more about the licensing process and obtain a licence online.

    • Permanent signs including signs attached to a building may require a building permit. Learn more and apply for a permit through DASH
    • Temporary or free-standing signs may require a permit from the licensing department. For more information email

Transportation network companies are licensed by the Kingston Area Taxi Commission

The City of Kingston acknowledges that we are on the traditional homeland of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and the Huron-Wendat, and thanks these nations for their care and stewardship over this shared land.

Today, the City is committed to working with Indigenous peoples and all residents to pursue a united path of reconciliation.

Learn more about the City's reconciliation initiatives.

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