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Industrial Lands

Our City-owned industrial lands are essential for local economic growth and job creation. We make sure these lands are ready for immediate development and reserve some for future expansion. These lands are situated in five well-designed business parks with excellent infrastructure, they are suitable for various industrial uses. We also offer a range of parcel sizes to meet different needs. There is land available in three of these business/industrial parks while the other two business/industrial parks are now sold out.

Sale of City-owned lands 

We have a dedicated team of experts, including planners, engineers and economic professionals, ready to assist potential buyers in finding the right industrial property and guiding them through the following processes. For contact information, you can visit the Economic Development Corporations business parks.

For details on available lots in each business park, you can use the interactive industrial lands map:


How to purchase City-owned industrial lands 

Are you looking to buy industrial lands in Kingston? Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through our typical land purchase process:

Step 1: Informal meeting 

The land purchase process begins with informal meetings between potential developers or purchasers, representatives from the Kingston Economic Development Corporation, and our Real Estate Division. These meetings allow purchasers to introduce their projects and explore land requirements. Tours of available City-owned land in the business / industrial parks follow, leading to more detailed discussions. 

Step 2: Finding a property 

Kingston Economic Development and City officials assist in property selection, funding opportunities and coordinating with external agencies.  

Step 3: Preparing to submit an offer 

An offer to buy the land is submitted using a Council approved template for the sale of industrial land. The purchaser submits the completed offer along with a deposit of 10 per cent of the land's price to the our Real Estate Division. 

Step 4: Negotiation 

The offer is reviewed by the City. Additional meetings with City staff might be required to work out the details and customize the offer to meet the purchasers needs when possible. This process can take about 10 working days or more. 

Step 5: Acceptance 

The acceptance offer leads to a binding agreement between the purchaser and the City. City staff also provides the purchaser with information, drawings, and reports about the land as mentioned in the agreement. 

Step 6: Purchaser waives conditions

The purchaser has a set period in the agreement to do more checks on the land to complete their due diligence. Upon their satisfaction, the purchaser waives their conditions and move forward with the planning process to develop the land. 

Step 7: Closing 

The sale of the land is conditional on getting final planning approvals. The sale is completed within three weeks of completing all required planning approvals for the convivence of the purchaser, this timeline can be adjusted if needed. The remaining purchase price is paid when the sale closes. The purchaser has one year to construct their industrial facility as is proposed in their approved site plan.

The City of Kingston acknowledges that we are on the traditional homeland of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and the Huron-Wendat, and thanks these nations for their care and stewardship over this shared land.

Today, the City is committed to working with Indigenous peoples and all residents to pursue a united path of reconciliation.

Learn more about the City's reconciliation initiatives.

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