Other Diversion & Disposal Opportunities

Other Diversion & Disposal Opportunities

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The seasonal opening of the Household Hazardous Waste depot will be delayed and the April 4 Giveaway Day is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. See other changes to Solid Waste Services.

The City has help diverting items from landfill! Organizations in the Kingston community, and other governments, also offer programs to make sure items are reused, recycled or properly disposed. Programs listed in the links below may be operated by companies or organizations and not the City. Contact them directly for more information.

Remember: you can also use Giveaway Days to help find new homes for items you no longer want.

Reducing waste = climate action

Change for climate by reducing your waste and by diverting it properly. Garbage sent to landfill contributes to climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions.

Household Hazardous Waste

Never put hazardous waste in the garbage! Go to the Household Hazardous Waste Depot page to find out:

  • what you can drop off at the Depot at 196 Lappan's Lane; and
  • how to dispose of other hazardous items.


Electronic waste needs to be handled separately from other kinds of waste. Electronics contain valuable and reusable rare earth metals and plastics. The electronics recycling program is run by the Ontario Electronic Stewardship in Kingston. See www.RecycleMyElectronics.ca for more details on the program.

Where to drop off electronics

The businesses listed below are registered collectors for the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (the City does not operate an electronics recycling location). Please check the list of accepted items before you head out.

  • Waste Management of Canada, 62 St. Remy Place, 613-549-7401
  • JKL Micro Distributions, 1250 Gardiners Rd., 613-384-8980
  • Colborne TV Service Centre, 3833 Stage Coach Rd. Sydenham ON, 613-389-8877

Visit www.RecycleMyElectronics.ca to find other electronic waste disposal events and temporary drop-off locations.

What kinds of electronics are accepted?

  • Display screens
  • Desktop computers
  • Computer peripherals (mice, keyboards, etc.)
  • Printers, copiers and multifunctional devices (floor standing or desktop)
  • Telephones and answering machines
  • Cell phones, smart phones, pagers and tablets
  • Home theatre systems
  • Vehicle audio equipment
  • Image, audio and video devices (home projectors)

What electronics are NOT accepted?

  • Microwave ovens
  • Computer cables
  • Internet routers
  • Handheld gaming units
  • Microphones
  • Instruments and other musical equipment
  • Gaming consoles and accessories

Textiles and clothing

Textiles – your old clothing, towels and rags can be used again. What can be resold will be, old ratty clothing will be turned into rags for sale and the products that are too far gone will be turned into insulation material.

Get your textiles and old clothes picked up

A number of community organizations will collect unwanted clothing, towels, curtains and other textiles from your house. A quick web search will help you locate some of these organizations.

Where to drop off textiles

The City has clothing/textile donation bins at the Kingston Area Recycling Centre.

These bins, provided by Diabetes Canada and the Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy, will accept donations of textiles year-round. 

For more information on textile diversion please visit the Ontario Textile Diversion Collaborative.

Medication and needles

Medications and needles can pose significant risk to both humans and the environment and must be disposed of correctly.

Where NOT to put medications or needles

Never flush medications or needles down the toilet, never put them in your garbage or recycling – and do not bring them to the Household Hazardous Waste Depot.

Where to drop off medications and needles

Most drug stores in Kingston will accept both medications and needles. A full list of locations where you can drop off these materials can be found at www.healthsteward.ca/returns/ontario.

The collection and disposal of these materials is handled by the Ontario Medication Return Program (OMRP) and the Ontario Sharps Collection Program (OSCP).

Information on these programs can be found at www.healthsteward.ca.

What to do if you find a needle in a public place

Never touch a needle found in a public place!

If you find a needle in a public place contact the KFL&A Public Health through the Street Health Centre (KCHC) at 613-549-1440. If you are unable to speak directly to the receptionist, leave a detailed message about the location of the needle and your contact number. Someone will pick the needle up during business hours.

Large items, construction and demolition waste, tires and excess garbage

Have something to throw out that's too big, too heavy or just too much to put at the curb? Here are some options for you.

  • Giveaway Days – Put items you no longer want out at the curb on Giveaway Day for someone who might like them. Sign-up for collection reminders to be reminded when one is coming up.
  • Donation – Consider donating unwanted items to a local charity. Contact them directly for drop-off details.

Where to drop off large items and large amounts of garbage to go to landfill

The City does not pick up large items from residents at the curb and KARC does not accept them for drop off.

You must use a private transfer stations for waste disposal or large, overweight and large volumes of garbage. Fees will apply. Please contact the privately-run services listed below to confirm hours of operation.

  • Waste Management of Canada, 62 St. Remy Place, 613-549-7401
  • Progressive Waste Solutions, 1266 McAdoos Lane, 613-548-4428
  • Kimco Steel Sales, 1325 John Counter Blvd., 613-544-1822
  • Westendorp Disposal Services, 1709 Westbrook Rd., 613-384-8555

Have a private service pick up your items for disposal

If you are unable to bring your own materials to one of the waste transfer stations listed above, a quick search for waste or junk removal on the web or Yellow Pages will provide a number of private options that can assist in removing waste from your property. Fees will apply.


The recycling of tires in Ontario is handled by the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA). To find a disposal location please visit the RPRA website

Scrap Metal

Metal and mostly-metal items are valued on the recycling market. It is important to divert them through the appropriate streams to ensure recycling of the metals.

Drop off

Small to medium-sized items: Items like, flatware, small metal shelves, microwaves, toasters, portable barbeques, damaged bicycles and similar small-sized items are accepted at various locations – including KARC.

Large-sized scrap metal: Items like, stoves, ornamental light posts, washers, dryers, aluminum siding, etc. can be dropped off at a number of locations for free (check the web or Yellow Pages), including Kimco Steel Sales.

Pick up

A number of private scrap metal collectors operate in Kingston and – depending on what you have – may pick up your items for free. Search the web or the Yellow Pages to find one.

Appliances containing refrigerant

Freezers, fridges and other appliances containing refrigerant: Fridges freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers (as well as other appliances) contain refrigerants. These refrigerants require special disposal.

Appliances that contain refrigerants will need to be disposed of at a location with staff trained on proper collection and disposal methods for refrigerants. One such location is Kimco Steel Sales.

Giveaway Days

Giveaway Days in 2020 are:

  • Saturday, April 4 - CANCELLED due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • Saturday, June 20
  • Saturday, Aug. 15
  • Saturday, Oct. 24

Giveaway Days are when you put items you no longer want out at the curb for someone who might like them. The City declares Giveaway Days a few times a year - sign-up for collection reminders to be reminded when one is coming up.

What to put out:

Only set out appropriate items that you know someone else might want.

  • Appropriate items: books, CDs, DVDs, Furniture and small appliances, Electronics, construction materials (including drywall, lumber, hardware), kitchen gadgets, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans.
  • Inappropriate items: the Consumer Product Safety Bureau of Health Canada advises that these items should NOT be given away (or picked-up): baby walkers, cribs, car seats, strollers, playpens, bath seats, mattresses, blinds and toys.

Bring any uncollected items back inside at 6 p.m. on Giveaway Day. The City will NOT collect unwanted Giveaway Day items left at the curb and these may be subject to fines from Bylaw Enforcement. Consider donating unwanted items to a local charity.

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