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Apartment / Condo Waste Collection

We offer apartment and condo garbage, recycling, and organic collection for buildings with seven or more units. Building owners or managers may choose to register for our collection program or arrange collection privately.

Collection rules

Follow these waste collection rules for apartments and condos to help us keep our collectors safe and ensure your waste is picked up!  

    • Make sure your waste is properly sorted! Unfortunately, not everything is recyclable or compostable. 
    • Place carts in the designated pick up location. 
    • Ensure there are no obstacles around the carts, including building overhangs and balconies.
    • Clear snow and ice from the area around the carts in the winter, and never place the carts on a snowbank.
    • Ensure each cart lid can completely close. Do not overfill your carts! You can always request more carts if necessary.
    • Place recyclables loosely in the proper carts, except for plastic bags. Place all plastic bags together in one bag and tie it closed. 
    • Place small cardboard, like pizza boxes, directly in the proper cart. Medium cardboard pieces can be bundled no larger than 90cm x 60cm x 20cm or left loose. 
    • Place large cardboard pieces in-between the recycling carts 

Uncollected waste 

Our collectors will leave boxes or carts behind if there is a safety risk for them or if they notice items in the box or cart that could negatively affect waste processing. When this happens, they will leave a non-collection notice on your bin or cart to explain why it was left behind. 

Help keep our collectors safe and avoid uncollected waste by following collection rules and keeping your boxes or carts in good working condition. 

Common reasons for uncollected waste:

    • Mixed materials or incorrectly sorted waste 
    • Damaged or broken carts 
    • Carts over overfilled or over the weight limit 
    • Carts in the wrong location for pick up

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