Yard Waste

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Where to drop your yard waste

Kingston Area Recycling Centre  - Yard Waste Drop Off (196 Lappan's Lane)

  • Leaves, branches and other small yard waste
  • Brush
  • Tree limbs and root balls up to 40cm (15") in diameter and up to 90cm (3') in length.
  • Christmas Trees (no curbside collection)
  • Sod if the majority of soil is removed

For residents of Kingston, there is no charge to drop off leaf and yard waste.

*Businesses using the leaf and yard waste drop, fees may apply. Businesses will need to visit the scales prior to proceeding to the leaf and yard waste drop off.

Norterra Organics (2069 Joyceville Rd.) - Call 613-546-0884 for hours.

Consider feeding yard waste to your garden

  • Grass-cycling is good for your lawn! Cut grass when dry and leave the clippings where they fall. Grass should be kept about three inches long.
  • Using leaves as mulch in your garden.
  • Consider backyard composting. Buy a backyard composter at KARC for $46.50.


Fall brush and leaf collection

The City collects brush and leaves in the fall. View the collection map and schedule.

  • Brush is collected city-wide and then leaves are collected.
  • Brush is not collected during the leaf collection period and leaves are not collected during brush collection.
  • Collection trucks may be in your neighbourhood before your collection week. Crews are just trying to get ahead of the collection and will return on your scheduled week.
  • Do not set out materials more than two weeks in advance of your collection week.
  • Set your brush/leaves out by 8 a.m. on your collection week. Crews may come at any time throughout the week.

See a video on how to put out your fall brush and leaves so they are collected as expected.

Brush: how to put it out so it's collected on your collection week

Place brush at to the curb by 8 a.m. on the Monday of your fall brush collection week.

Brush is any material that is generated from trimming small trees, bushes lilacs, etc. Stumps, logs and root balls are not considered brush.

Place brush out with the cut end facing the curb. Pieces may not exceed 90 cm (three feet) in length or 15 cm (six inches) in diameter. Bundled brush will not be collected.

Material that does not meet these requirements will be left behind.

Leaves: how to put it out so they are collected on fall collection week

Place leaves at to the curb by 8 a.m. on the Monday of your fall leaf collection week.

Put your leaves out for collection in either brown (kraft) paper bags or in rigid-sided containers with two handles, like a garbage can or bushel. All bags or containers must be under the weight limit of 20kg (44lbs).

You may include small sticks, tomato plants and other garden waste with your leaves.

Leaves raked to the curb will not be collected.

Soil, sod and root balls are not accepted.

Leaves in plastic bags – including compostable plastic bags – will not be accepted. These materials are not compostable in our leaf and brush program.


Invasive Species

Giant Hogweed or Wild Parsnip are not collected in City green bins or accepted at the yard waste depot. Find out how to safely dispose of these invasive species.


Reducing waste = climate action

Change for climate by reducing your waste and by diverting it properly. Garbage sent to landfill contributes to climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Missed collection or other collection issues

Was your waste missed? First look for a notice tag or sticker. Still not sure why it was left behind? Call 613-546-0000 or email contactus@cityofkingston.ca.

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