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The City is the Service Manager for the administration of various community programs. The City offers services for families and individuals with specific needs to support their efforts to fully participate in – and contribute to – our vibrant community.

Together with our partners, residents, agencies and boards, we strive to provide quality services.

We work with residents that need temporary help with the cost of food, shelter, childcare, and related essential needs.

  • Need to apply for temporary financial assistance? Find out how to access Ontario Works.
  • Need childcare or assistance with childcare fees?
  • Need affordable housing?
  • Do you want to apply for the Discretionary Residency Benefit?
  • Are you eligible for Municipal Fee Assistance? One application could help make recreational program and using Kingston Transit more affordable.
  • How about SPARK? The Subsidy Program for Affordable Recreation in Kingston - reduces the cost of City-run recreation and leisure programs for Kingston residents of all ages.

Ontario Works and Childcare services are provided through our offices at 362 Montreal Street, Kingston and in Sharbot Lake. Find the details on the Sharbot Lake office.

These community resources also serve the well-being of Kingstonians:

  • Rideaucrest Home is a City-operated long-term care facility committed to enriching the lives of its residents.
  • Working to remove barriers is a key City priority. Go to the Accessibility page to report a barrier to accessibility and learn about the City's Accessibility Plan.
  • KFL&A Public Health is the local agency in charge of promoting and protecting public health.  This page offers health-related news, promotions and tips.

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