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For up-to-date flood information on the Lake Ontario Flood Watch updates visit:

For up-to-date flood information and resources, please visit the CRCA's flood forecasting information webpage:

The Flood handout provides information to help you stay up-to-date on efforts to deal with high water levels and help you respond in the event of flooding in your home or neighbourhood.

In the event of Flash Floods:

  • Move pets, furniture, appliances and other belongings to higher ground.
  • Make sure basement windows are closed.
  • Seek higher ground if you see rapidly rising water.
  • Never drive your vehicle through standing water.  Do not cross flowing water. (See instructions for how to exit a vehicle in a flooded area.)

Kingston Transit

Kingston Transit riders: find the latest updates on the service alerts page

Water Levels

The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority is responsible for monitoring and issuing updates on water levels in the Kingston area. If you are looking for updates, please go to its website and scroll down to find the "Current Flood Status" and associated information.

Kingston Fire & Rescue/Emergency Management

Residents are encouraged to visit the City's Emergency Management page.

Basement Flooded?

Entering a flooded basement could be hazardous! When in doubt, don't enter the flooded area until you are told it is safe by a qualified professional. Utilities Kingston offers these instructions on what to do if your basement has flooded. Report your flood or backup using this online reporting form or by calling Utilities Kingston at 613-546-0000.

KFL&A Public Health

Learn what to do before, during, and after a flood, as well as how to restore your home as soon as possible to protect your health.

Electrical Safety Authority

Find out more about flood safety information from the Electrical Safety Authority website.

Flood Facts and Tips

Any basement is at risk of flooding, even if it's never happened before. Review these Utilities Kingston Flood Facts to find out how you can help protect your property.

Property Clean-up after a Flood

During a flood clean up, supervise children and pets and keep them out of the area until clean-up has been completed. Remember to always keep children within arm's reach in and  around water.

Replace sand in sandboxes and clean any play structures that may have been contaminated.

Till garden beds. Do not consume any produce from vegetable gardens impacted by flood water. After re-establishing garden beds, remember to always wash produce before consumption.

Properly remediate/clean-up any areas where fluids may have leaked from vehicles such as cars, boats, ATVs, etc.

Standing water can pose various health risks (e.g., pails, old tires, or other containers with water can become places where mosquitoes breed) and should be removed.

Large debris, construction materials and demolition waste that are too heavy or too large to be packaged with household trash will not be collected in regular garbage.

These items can be taken to any of the following waste transfer locations. Note a fee for disposal is typically charged based on weight.

  • Progressive Waste Solutions, 1266 McAdoos Lane, 613-548-4428;
  • Kimco Steel Sales Limited, 1325 John Counter Boulevard, 613-542-1822;
  • Waste Management Canada, 62 St. Remy Place, 613-549-7401 extension 252;
  • Westendorp Disposal, 1709 Westbrook Road, 613-384-8555.

Items that are recyclable can be placed in grey or blue boxes with other household recyclables for curbside pickup. More information on blue boxes, grey boxes, household hazardous waste, the Kingston and Area Recycling Centre; electronic waste; tires; and scrap metal can be found on the City's recycling page.

Install Preventative Plumbing with Financial Assistance from Utilities Kingston

Even if you've never had a problem, you could qualify for up to $3,000 to install preventative plumbing to protect your property from basement flooding and sewer back-ups. Review Utilities Kingston's page to learn more and apply today.

Ministry of Natural Resources

Visit the provinces website for the latest Flood Forecasting and Warning Program information.

Ministry of Transportation

Read some tips on driving in bad weather.

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