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The Ontario Heritage Act requires municipalities to keep a formal register of all properties situated in the municipality that are of cultural heritage value or interest. The Heritage Properties Register, lists properties in Kingston recognized to have cultural heritage, value or interest. The Register includes a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Rideau Canal and the Kingston Fortifications), National Historic Sites, Provincially significant properties, municipally designated properties under the Ontario Heritage Act and "listed" properties (also known as non-designated, or properties of cultural heritage value).

The City's Heritage Properties Register is a dynamic document with new information being added on a regular basis. Please note that the information is provided for the purposes of convenience only.

Designated Heritage Properties

At the municipal level, there are two types of designations under the Ontario Heritage Act – Part IV and Part V. Part IV designations refer to individual heritage properties. Part V designations refer to a grouping of heritage properties known as a Heritage Conservation District.

Designation under the Ontario Heritage Act is applied by the passing of a municipal bylaw to recognize and to promote good stewardship of the District's cultural heritage value.  Exterior alterations to buildings located on designated properties generally require a Heritage Permit. 

For further information contact the Planning & Development Department at 613-546-4291 ext. 1844 or heritage@cityofkingston.ca.

In Kingston, work that promotes restoration and preservation of designated buildings may be eligible for grants. Work to designated properties that also have a heritage easement agreement registered on the property may be eligible for the City's Heritage Property Tax Refund Program.

"Listed" Heritage Properties

Section 27 of the Ontario Heritage Act allows municipalities to list or inventory properties of cultural heritage value that are not designated under Part IV or Part V of the Act. These properties are not afforded the same level of protection as a designated property. While a Heritage Permit is not required for alterations to the property, owners are always welcome to seek staff advice. An owner of a "listed" property is required to give Council 60 days notice of their intention to demolish a building (or portion of a building) on the property.

Heritage Easement Agreements

Heritage easement agreements are another tool to ensure a property's preservation. It is a legal agreement registered on title between the City or the Ontario Heritage Trust and the owner of the property. Heritage easement agreements are entered into to ensure heritage attributes of a building are maintained in perpetuity and may also set out permitted alterations and development. Eligible works to properties with a heritage easement agreement that are also designated under the Ontario Heritage Act may be eligible for the City's Heritage Property Tax Refund Program.

Provincially Significant Properties

The Province owns many properties whose history contributes to the greater history of Ontario. The Province has developed Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Provincial Heritage Properties to preserve, protect and promote the cultural heritage value of these provincially significant properties.

National Historic Sites of Canada

National Historic Sites are places that are of immense importance to Canada. Each National Historic Site contributes to the greater history of Canada. In Kingston, the National Historic Sites include the Frontenac County Courthouse, City Hall, Fort Henry and more.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Culture Organization (UNESCO) seek to protect, manage and safeguard tangible and intangible cultural heritage. UNESCO has identified over 900 properties of cultural and natural heritage that have outstanding value on a universal scale. In Kingston the Rideau Canal and Kingston's Fortifications are identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Development adjacent to the Rideau Canal must be considerate of its impact on this cultural and natural heritage treasure.

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The Murney Tower in Macdonald Park is one of four Martello Towers in Kingston

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