Winter waste placement
Place garbage and recycling where it can be clearly seen and safely collected during winter months. Choose a safe, visible ground-level location close to the curb. Keep a path clear of snow and ice and avoid placing waste containers on top of snow banks.

Garbage piles up in landfill. Don't be a waster: avoid creating garbage and avoid buying it.

The City collects one untagged bag/container of garbage per household each week (with a maximum weight of 20 kilograms, or 44 pounds and with a maximum volume of 135 litres).  Please set out your garbage by 6 a.m. the morning of your collection day. Please remove bungie cords when placing garbage containers at the curb. The City will also collect all tagged garbage.  Bag tags are $2 each. 

Garbage cans used for curbside collection must have: a lid that can be fully removed (i.e. not tethered or tied to the can); moulded or attached handles; a capacity no greater than 135 litres; weight, including contents, no greater than 20 kgs (44 lbs) and; a diameter smaller at the bottom than the top.

The City will collect two untagged bags of garbage on each residents' first garbage collection day following New Year's Day, Victoria Day and Labour Day.

Residents who regularly need to put out an additional bag of garbage due to medical circumstances can apply to receive Medical Exemption bag tags.

Proper disposal of sharp objects helps ensure collector safety. Place glass in a cardboard box, label as broken glass and place beside your garbage; this will not count as a separate garbage item. Sharp metal objects are to be taken to metal recycling facilities, a list of which is available in the sell, donate or dispose tab below. Used needles or syringes are never to be placed in garbage or recycling. Place them in a sharps container and return to your local pharmacy

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Purchase garbage bag tags

You can buy garbage bag tags online (Allow for 5 to 7 days delivery).

Interested in becoming an authorized retailer? Contact Customer Service for more information.

The City cannot guarantee that bag tag retailers will have tags in stock at any particular time. Payment options vary by bag tag retailer, i.e. some retailers accept only cash for payment of bag tags. Consider calling the retailer in advance to confirm stock and payment options.

Tags are also available from the following authorized retailers:

  • Artillery Park, Main Reception Desk, 382 Bagot St., 613-546-4291 ext 1700
  • Barriefield Convenience, 760 Highway 15, 613-549-1895
  • Bayridge Grocery, 842 Development Drive, 613-384-3901
  • Cataraqui Town Centre, Customer Service Booth, 613-389-7900
  • City Hall, 216 Ontario St., 613-546-0000
  • Cochrane Convenience, 73 Bay Street, 613-542-2254
  • Codes Corner Convenience, 1985 Highway 15, 613-547-8978
  • DrugSmart Pharmacy, 284 Earl St. Unit B400 (inside Queen's Centre), 613-507-7775
  • Family News Stand, 506 Days Rd. (LaSalle Park Plaza), 613-384-4829
  • Glenburnie Convenience, 2408 Perth Rd., 613-544-0972
  • Good Morning Mart, 235 Montreal Street, 613-544-5198
  • In Bloom, 235 Gore Rd. (Rideau Town Centre)
  • INVISTA Centre, 1350 Gardiners Rd. (Customer Care Centre), 613-546-0000
  • John Counter Boulevard Municipal Building, 1211 John Counter Blvd., 613-546-0000
  • Kingston Area Recycling Centre (KARC), 196 Lappan's Lane, 613-546-0000
  • LaSalle Express (Shell), 841 Highway 15, 613-530-2040
  • Lowe's Canada, 1035 Gardiners Road, 613-634-5410
  • Meadowbrook Variety, 545 Armstrong Rd., 613-544-9950
  • Medical Arts Pharmacy, 800 Princess St.
  • New Merry Market, 226 Barrie St, 613-542-1701
  • North Star Gas and Variety, 1143 Midland Ave, 613-634-1975 -- TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO FIRE.
  • Parkway Grocery, 1469 Parkway, 613-531-6550
  • Pop Variety, 525 Brock St., 613-766-8382
  • Queen's University, Student Life Centre, 2nd floor
  • Quik Chek, 730 Front Rd. (Reddendale Plaza), 613-384-5522
  • Rona, 2342 Princess Street (any cashier), 613-531-6225
  • Shoppers Drug Mart, 775 Strand Blvd, 613-384-7477
  • Shoppers Drug Mart, Kingslake Plaza, 1201 Division St., 613-546-3544.
  • Singh's Convenience, 1120 Sydenham Rd., 613-547-4485
  • St. Lawrence College, 100 Portsmouth Ave. (Student Association offices, Orange Wing, 2nd Floor), 613-544-5400 ext. 1502
  • Sunny Convenience, 1753 Bath Rd, 613-766-0506
  • Sunshine Variety, 263 Weller Ave., 613-549-0253
  • Ultramar, 1993 Highway 15, 613-542-7971

The dump

The City does not operate a public dump. You may dispose of excess garbage – for a price – at the Progressive Waste Solutions transfer station at 1266 McAdoos Lane (off Division Street), from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Residents can also dispose of excess garbage - for a price - at the following locations:

  • Kimco Steel Sales Limited, 1325 John Counter Boulevard: 613-542-1822
  • Waste Management Canada, 62 St. Remy Place: 613-549-7401 extension 252
  • Westendorp Disposal, 1709 Westbrook Road: 613-384-8555

Please consider reusing, selling, or giving away items ahead of taking them to the Waste Transfer Station.

Winter waste placement

Help keep collectors safe throughout the winter. Follow these guidelines: (Click for a larger view)

Improper waste placement Improper placement: Don't do this. Never put your waste out on a high snowbank. It's too risky to collect.


Proper placement Proper placement: Always put your waste out at ground level where it can be safely collected.


Shelf placement Shelf placement: If you have to, make a ground-level "shelf" in a snowbank for your waste.


Safe placement of collectibles helps avoid worker injury. Place garbage and recycling where it can be clearly seen and safely collected:

  • Avoid placing waste on top of snowbanks. If waste is placed on top of a snowbank, the top of your receptacles or garbage bag should be no higher than four-and-a-half feet off the ground.
  • Remove bungee cords and other tie-downs from receptacles at the curb.
  • Keep a path from the road to your collectibles clear of snow and ice.
  • Place collectibles at the right side at the end of your driveway (as you face the street); or
  • if you do not have a driveway, place it on the boulevard closest to the curb; or
  • if there is no boulevard, place it on the right side at the end of your walkway.

City Collection for multi-residential and commercial properties

Multi-residential buildings (apartments and condominiums with seven or more units) and businesses in the Downtown Business Improvement Area, as well as properties with frontage on Princess Street, between the boundaries of the west side of Division Street and the south sides of Bath Road/Concession Street, are in different property classes and may opt in for municipal collection of garbage using the applications below. Or they can opt for private collection (look in the Yellow Pages under "Waste Disposal").  Arrange for collection annually by submitting the application at City Hall, 216 Ontario St., K7L 2Z3, by December 15 each year.

The City does not provide collection/disposal services to commercial property owners outside the Downtown Business Improvement Area/properties with frontage on Princess Street, between the boundaries of the west side of Division Street and the south sides of Bath Road/Concession Street, or at industrial or institutional properties in any area of the City.

Sell, donate or dispose

Before throwing out an unwanted item, consider having it fixed, alternate uses for it, giving it away, offering it for sale at a garage sale or online. Then, if your large item has truly outlived its usefulness, consider these alternatives ahead of taking it to the dump.

Bible for Missions 2455 Princess St 613-531-7852
Salvation Army Thrift Store 277 Bath Rd 613-544-4396
Salvation Army Thrift Store 472 Division St 613-531-5002
Value Village 1300 Bath Rd 613-536-5051
Appliance Repair and Disposal
Dependable Appliances 3063 Princess St. 613-389-2421
Ken's Appliance Service   613-546-4569
KIMCO 1325 John Counter Blvd. 613-544-1822
Knapp Appliances 1528 Sydenham Rd 613-542-3232
Pete's Appliance Service   613-546-3863
Potter's Appliance Repairs 746 Development Dr 613-389-2177
Stein Appliance Service   613-777-0439
Clothing and Household Items
Bible for Missions 2455 Princess St 613-531-7852
Canadian Diabetes Association
Donation Centre
1440 Princess St,
Unit 6
Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy   1-877-384-1957
Salvation Army Thrift Store 277 Bath Rd 613-544-4396
Salvation Army Thrift Store 472 Division St 613-531-5002
St. Vincent de Paul Society 85 a Stephen St 613-546-3333
Value Village 1300 Bath Rd 613-536-5051
CDs, DVDs, Records, Tapes, Audio Equipment, Books and Sheet Music
Kingston Symphony Warehouse 785 Sir John A. Macdonald Blvd, Unit A 613-546-9729
Construction/Demolition Waste
KIMCO 1325 John Counter Blvd 613-544-1822
Westendorp Disposal Service 1709 Westbrook Rd 613-384-8555
Scrap Metal
ANS Scrap Metal 1158 McAdoos Ln 613-544-3038
KIMCO 1325 John Counter Blvd 613-544-1822
Mulrooney Metal Recyclers 1280 McAdoos Ln 613-548-8665
Progressive Waste Solutions 1266 McAdoos Ln 613-548-4428
Westendorp Disposal Service 1709 Westbrook Rd 613-384-8555
Full Service Disposal
1 800 Got Junk   1-800-GOT-JUNK
929-AWAY Junk Removal & Recycling Services   1-877-613-5865
Bin There Dump That   1-877-507-2838
Just Junk   613-549-9777
Junk Out   613-331-JUNK
Tomlinson   613-634-9274
Excess Building Materials
Habitat for Humanity Restore 323 Bath Rd 613-548-8763