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2019 Tax Rates Bylaw

2019-79 - Establish general Municipal, Fire, Garbage, and Special Tax Rates for 2019 to provide for late payment charges on unpaid taxes and to provide for payment of taxes by instalment

2020 Capital Budget Bylaw

Bylaw 2020-16 - Adopts the 2020 capital budget

2020 Operating Budget Bylaw

Bylaw 2020-15 - Adopts the 2020 capital budget

Accountability Framework Bylaw

2017-64 - Bylaw to Establish an Accountability Framework for the City of Kingston

Animals Bylaw

Bylaw 2004-144 - Regulates all animals within the boundaries of the City of Kingston and to the owners of such animals.

Appliance Rental Rate Bylaw

Bylaw 2012-22 - Impose miscellaneous charges and appliance rental rates (Utilities Kingston).

Appointment of Auditor Bylaw

Bylaw 2019-135 - to Appoint KPMG LLP as the Auditor for the City of Kingston and its Local Boards for the 2019 Fiscal Year

Appointment of LAS as Investigator Bylaw

Bylaw 2007-196 - to appoint Local Authority Services Ltd. as the investigator pursuant to Sections 8, 9, 10 and 239.1 of the Municipal Act, 2001

Appointment of Municipal Law Enforcement Officers Bylaw

98-9 - To appoint municipal law enforcement officers of the Corporation of the New City of Kingston

Appointment of Statutory Officials Bylaw

Bylaw 98-8 - To appoint statutory officials of the Corporation of the City of Kingston

Balloon Release Bylaw

2018-159 - A Bylaw to Regulate the Release of Balloons within the City of Kingston

Brownfields CIP Community Improvement Project Areas Bylaw

Bylaw 2005-40 - Designating Community Improvement Project Areas for the Brownfields Community Improvement Plan

Brownfields Community Improvement Plan Adoption Bylaw

Bylaw 2018-13 - Adopt the Brownfields Community Improvement Plan

Building Bylaw

Bylaw 2005-99 - Provide for the construction, demolition, change of use and transfer of permits and inspections.

Business Bylaw

Bylaw 2006-213 - License, Regulate And Govern Certain Businesses

Chief Administrative Officer Bylaw

2002-86 - Establish the Position of Chief Administrative Officer

Civic Addresses and Road Naming Bylaw

Bylaw 2005-98 - Direct the orderly addressing of buildings and properties and appropriate naming of roads within the City Of Kingston.

Committee Bylaw

Bylaw 2010-205 - To define the mandate and meeting procedures for committees established by the Corporation of the City of Kingston.

Council Procedural Bylaw

Bylaw 2010-1 - Sets the rules and regulations to be observed in all proceedings of Council, Committee of the Whole and Committee meetings.

Council Remuneration Bylaw

Bylaw 99-169 - Provides for the paying of an annual allowance to the members of Council for the Corporation of the City of Kingston.

Delegate Authority Bylaw - Temporary Highway Closures

Bylaw 2005-255 - To Delegate the Authority for the Processing and Approval of Temporary Highway Closures

Delegation of Authority Bylaw

Bylaw 2016-189 - To consolidate the delegation of powers and duties

Development Charges Bylaw

Bylaw 2019-116 - To establish development charges for the City of Kingston.

Election Signs Bylaw

Bylaw 2019-100 - To regulate election signs in the City of Kingston

Encroachment Bylaw

Bylaw 2004-107 - Protect the City's highways from unauthorized encroachments.

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