Tree Bylaw Update

The City is proposing changes to the Tree Bylaw.

Fourth Draft

Based on the comments received from the open house and the coffee chats, staff have completed a fourth draft of the tree bylaw. An information report and the fourth draft of the bylaw will be presented to the Rural Advisory Committee on Monday, October 23. View the fourth draft of the bylaw.

Third Draft

Based on the input received from the open house and the public meeting held in the fall of 2016, staff have completed the third draft of the Tree Bylaw. View the third draft of the bylaw.

Revisions to the bylaw include the following:

  • the application of tree removal constraints in areas of identified "significant woodlands" and "environmental protection areas";
  • distinction between tree removal exemptions in the "Rural Area" and the "Urban Area" of the municipality;
  • defined limitations on tree removals associated with "personal use" and "commercial harvesting";
  • broader recognition of permissions for removals associated with normal farm practices; and
  • additional information regarding compensation, financial securities and legal agreements

A public open house has been scheduled for September 20. Two coffee chats with City staff were scheduled for Friday Sept. 22. to ensure rural residents are made aware of, and given an opportunity to provide input on, proposed changes to the bylaw.

Second Draft

After reviewing the information received at the public open house and through consultation with stakeholders, a second draft of the Tree Bylaw has been completed.

The proposed changes were presented to the Planning Committee meeting March 2, 2017.


About the Bylaw

The Tree Bylaw (2007-170) was passed by Council in September 2007, and regulates the removal or injury of trees within the municipality. Anyone wishing to remove a tree must find out whether a tree permit is required.

Generally, the Tree Bylaw does not apply to residential properties, however property owners should ensure that the tree they wish to remove is not located within the municipal right-of-way on their property and that it is not protected as part of a Tree Preservation and Protection Plan.

To determine whether the tree you wish to remove is within the municipal right-of-way, please contact the customer service centre at 613-546-0000.

To obtain further information about the Tree Bylaw or to inquire if a tree permit is required for a particular situation, please contact the planning department at 613-546-4291, ext. 3180.

Additional information

More information regarding the Tree Bylaw, including requirements for a permit and exemptions to the bylaw:

* Tree Permit applications are now submitted via DASH

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