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The City's Public Art Master Plan was approved by council in July 2014. Learn how the City is enacting the Public Art Master Plan to help make Kingston a more vibrant and artful city, while providing opportunities for artists and citizens alike.

About the plan

Vision: Kingston will be known as a hub of creative place-making with an innovative program of public art that recognizes and builds on the City's diverse history, engages its community and inspires its future leaders.

Mandate: To organize and leverage City and community, business and institutional resources, knowledge and experience to support creative place-making in communities across Kingston through contemporary and innovative public art.

Key Objectives:

  • Contribute to a vibrant, high-quality public realm in Kingston.
  • Engage the community in creative place-making across the entire City: downtown, suburban, rural and natural areas.
  • Celebrate and promote Kingston's identity, including building on the City's complete history, diversity and geography, while imagining new futures.
  • Invest in the development of artists from a wide range of disciplines through a variety of training and commissioning opportunities.

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Public art capital projects

Public art will be integrated into the City's capital planning and budgeting process and be included in plans for new and renewed facilities, parks and infrastructure. This work will become part of the Civic Collection.

Temporary public art, street art and public art platforms

The City will commission and/or exhibit of works of temporary public art – including street art – to promote diverse cultural expression in a variety of mediums in civic spaces, places and neighbourhoods. One or more public art platforms will be established to exhibit a rotating display of art in a public venue. This work will not become part of the Civic Collection.

Community arts, public engagement and education

Communities will be engaged in developing Kingston's story and creative place-making across the city. Community members will be involved in the public art program through art-making, consultation, education and promotions. This work will not become part of the Civic Collection.

Artist and arts sector development

The City will invest in artist, curator and arts administrator training and development. This will include mentorships and workshops for emerging artists from a wide variety of disciplines. The development program will help increase the quality and diversity of cultural output, create employment opportunities, attract and retain talent locally.

Public art development program

The City will encourage the provision of public art in significant development projects through the urban design and land use planning process. Cultural services staff will offer assistance to help private developers and other public entities to acquire public art.


The following activities are outside the scope of the City's public art program:

  • community exhibition and display spaces operated by cultural services
  • fine art operated by cultural services
  • special events
  • archeological, archival and museum collections/exhibitions
  • commemorations that are not created by an artist and/or sited in public space
  • graffiti management

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