The Engage for Change project seeks to re-frame the relationship between Indigenous/First Peoples and non-Indigenous people in Kingston – especially as it relates to history, knowledge and culture.

The first phase of Engage for Change has now concluded – read the full report on the project.

Phase II of Engage for Change( 2018-2019)

Building off the first phase initiatives of Engage for Change, the second phase continues along two distinct but parallel paths. The first path focuses on working with the Indigenous community and the second path focuses on supporting initiatives within the city of Kingston and with the Corporation of the City of Kingston. The main components of this phase include;

Talking Circle Partnerships

The City-led talking circles that formed the backbone of Engage for Change project in 2017 will continue through 2018-2019 through 10 partnership agreements with community groups to host their own E4C style circles. The general talking circle format developed as part of the Engage for Change Project will be shared through these partnerships, including a planning manual, resource list and overview of topics to be covered. Grants of $2,000 are available to assist community groups in working with Indigenous facilitators/educators. If you are from a community group and are interested in hosting your own talking circle contact, Jennifer Campbell.

Community-led Programming

Through the Engage for Change project the City of Kingston will invest $40,000 over 2018/19 to support community-led programming with a particular emphasis on an expanded Indigenous Community Powwow as well as programming related to National Indigenous Peoples Day (formerly National Aboriginal Day).

Facilitated Engagement

In order to identify actionable next steps between the Municipality and the Indigenous Community, a third-party facilitator will be contracted to guide an engagement process. The intent is to include Indigenous community members as part of the selection process and to continue to engage Indigenous community members to work alongside the facilitator. It is anticipated that the facilitation will focus on the need to create an Indigenous community council to work with the City as well as establish a plan to develop a community gathering space. However, the exact outcome of the facilitation process cannot be predicted. If you are an interested in learning more about this engagement or getting involved in the selection of the facilitator please contact Jennifer Campbell.

Pointing the Way

Kingston's Engage for Change project is rooted in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and guided by recommendations contained in the Truth and Reconciliation Findings and 94 Calls to Action.

Talking Circle