The grand reopening of Breakwater Park will take place on July 26.

A waterfront park near Queen's University, along King Street East. It has a unique meandering shoreline and wonderful unobtrusive view of Lake Ontario and Wolfe Island. It is a popular picnic and relaxation area for visitors, residents and students. The iconic sculpture - ‘Time' from 1973 is a central focus in the park that cannot be missed.

Breakwater Park was named after Kingston's original breakwater that can now be seen on the ground running parallel to the park's paved recreational trail.

Council approved a concept plan to completely renovate the park in 2013. Find out more about the project that began in spring 2017.

A neighbourhood and destination park

Breakwater Park has a wide range of users. As Kingston General Hospital is located at the eastern end of the park, its patients, visitors and staff frequently visit the park. Queen's University students enjoy warm spring days studying and relaxing by the water's edge, and staff from the university enjoy a respite for lunch. The neighbourhood residents also make use of the space year-round for recreation.

In addition, Breakwater Park provides incomparable access to the water within the City as well as a significant area of green space that can be used for both relaxation and physical activity. It's both a neighbourhood park as well as a destination park to residents across the city.