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The City's skateparks are a popular venue for skateboarders of all skill levels, with ramps, stairs, vertical elements and more. The skateparks are open daily from dawn to dusk.

Polson Skatepark

This new skatepark, opened a month ahead of schedule, is located within Polson Park on Portsmouth Ave. A 2,000 square foot concrete skate park contains a halfpipe, rail, ledge, fun box, and set-up banks. See the design at right.

The City relocated this park to increase its visibility and prominence and integrated various elements suggested during public consultations.

Grenadier Skatespot

This new 3,000 square foot concrete skateboard park with quarterpipe, shelf, table top with rail, and fun box located within Grenadier Park at 41 Grenadier Dr.

Shannon Park Skatepark

The City partnered with Community Response to Neighbourhood Concerns (CRNC) to build Kingston's newest and largest skate park as part of the overall Shannon Park improvements. This 8000 square foot concrete skate park features classic skateboarding elements and a gathering area. Located on Daly St. at McCauley St.

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Skateboarders enjoying the Grenadier Skatepark

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