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The City provides municipal parking to help retain and enhance the viability of the city core, through support of local business, institutions, tourism and community-wide participation in social and cultural activities. To make parking part of the solution to the challenge of competing land uses, it must be both planned and controlled in conjunction with other modes of travel, including walking, cycling, public transit, and auto priorities.

The City maintains and administers a variety of parking options (including 4,000 parking spaces) and enforces parking regulations.

If you need help to find a spot to park, or you just wish to obtain information on the City's parking bylaws, please contact us.

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Short-term parking options

On-street metered parking

The City administers about 1,400 on-street Pay & Display or metered parking spots. The maximum length of stay at meters varies from two to three hours and costs from $1 to $1.50 an hour.

Parking lots and garages

Find a parking lot or garage. Use the length of stay map to see the parking options available based on the amount time required.

  • More than 20 City lots offer Pay & Display parking for $1 per hour (unless affected by Event Parking rules).
  • Garages – The automated payment system (AutoPay) allows drivers to pre-pay or pay-as-you-leave using cash, credit or debit card. Every half-hour (or less) is $0.75.  Evenings (6 p.m. to 6 a.m.) and Sundays daytime (6 a.m. to 6 p.m.) are $3 max. Drivers can "tap"  their credit cards to quickly pay for parking at the City's Chown and Hanson parking garages. The "Tap & Go" payment feature allows customers, who have the feature on their credit cards, to simply tap their cards when they enter and tap the same card again when they exit.  No ticket is required  – but anyone who does take a ticket at entry, can still pay using the "Tap & Go" feature  at the garages' pay stations or at the exit.

Event parking

Near the Rogers K-Rock Centre – See the Event Parking map.

The cost of parking increases in municipal parking lots as you get closer to the Rogers K-Rock Centre, 1 The Tragically Hip Way when events are scheduled. Signage with event parking rates, instructions and rules are displayed before and during scheduled events.

Event parking rates

  • $5.00 flat rate - Zone 1 – Barrack Street Lot, Drury Lot, King & Queen Lot, Frontenac Lot.
  • $4.00 flat rate - Zone 2 – Anglin and Angrove Lots.
  • $3.00 flat rate - Zone 3 – Springer Lot, Upper and Lower Robert Bruce Lots Chown and Hanson Parking Garages are $1.00 per hour; Evenings and Sunday daytime $3.00 maximum

Early payment for an evening event can be made after 2:30 p.m. (earlier in some lots). Please refer to signage in each lot for details. Early payment for a Sunday matinee can be made anytime.

Visiting Kingston General Hospital? See your short-term parking options.

Long-term parking options

Parking permits

Parking lots

Monthly parking permits are available at some City garages and lots from $83.25 to $125.00 (taxes included) a month.

Permits can be renewed online or in person at City Hall (Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

On-street parking permit program

Free parking is available on most residential streets in the Central area of the City. However many of these spots have time of day restrictions (Monday to Friday), typically prohibiting parking for 1 hour during the morning and afternoon.

The City offers a variety of on-street parking permits for residents, commuters and temporary visitors in the Sydenham District/Hotel Dieu area (Area A) or in the Queen's University, Kingston General Hospital area (Area B).

If your parking needs can be met within the posted regulations a permit is not required. A limited number of permits are sold, subject to availability and the terms and conditions for each permit type (commuter, resident, and temporary).

Find out more on the On-street permits parking program page.

Accessible parking

A number of accessible parking options are provided both on-street and off-street in parking facilities across the City for short term use. Find an Accessible Parking space downtown.Accessible parking sign

A registered accessible parking permit must be displayed in a vehicle using any designated accessible parking space. These spaces are signed with a regulation wheelchair symbol.

Applications and eligibility criteria for Accessible Parking permits are available from Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Offices (operated by the Ministry of Transportation) or Service Ontario.

Parking in one of these designated spaces without this permit could result in a $300 fine.

If you have a provincially issued accessible parking pass and do not have access to any parking at your residence the City may be able to provide a reserved on-street space close by your home. Find out more about this program on the On-street parking program page.

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