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Red Light Cameras

Red Light Cameras operate at several intersections in Kingston. They enhance public safety at intersections for all road users by improving driver behaviour and reducing red light running.

Paying or contesting a ticket 

The fine for running a red light is currently $325, and the ticket is issued to the registered owner of the vehicle regardless of who is driving the vehicle.

Red light camera locations

Use the map to find which intersections the red light cameras are located.

Locations were determined through review of collision data from all of the City’s signalized intersections, potential safety benefits and the suitability of the sites. 

How red light cameras work

Red light cameras are a form of traffic enforcement that involves photographing a vehicle when it enters an intersection while the traffic signal is red. The system works by capturing two pictures, one as the vehicle approaches the stop bar, and another after the vehicle enters the intersection. Both photos are taken while the light is red, and the cameras photograph the rear of the vehicle to ensure the licence plate is visible in the pictures.

These images are reviewed by Provincial Offences Officers to confirm the charge. If a violation is confirmed, a ticket is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle, including the photos, information about the offence and how to pay or contest the charge.

A driver that enters the intersection when the traffic signal is green or amber will not receive a ticket. Only drivers who cross the stop bar and proceed through the intersection while the traffic signal is red will receive a ticket.

Frequently asked questions

Violations are processed through a centralized processing center operated by the City of Toronto. Provincial Offences Officers carefully review every photograph to verify information and to confirm the red light violation. Tickets are then mailed to registered vehicle owners only if the photographs clearly show that the vehicle ran the red light. 

As long as the vehicle enters the intersection while the traffic signal is green or amber, the left-turning motorist will not be ticketed for completing the turn when the traffic signal is red. 

As long as the vehicle comes to complete a stop before the stop bar prior to making a right turn in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act, the motorist will not be ticketed for making a permitted right turn on red. 

It is important that motorists adjust their driving to the condition of the road. Red light cameras will continue to function in bad weather including snow, ice, fog and rain. However, for a ticket to be issued the stop bar must appear clearly in the image. If snow or ice obscures the stop bar, the officer reviewing the photos will not issue a ticket. 

No. The cameras only photograph vehicles that enter an intersection after the traffic signal has turned red. Vehicles that enter the intersection while the traffic signal is green or amber will not be photographed. 

The set fine for running a red light is currently $325. The fine is issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. Demerit points are not issued through the Red Light Camera program.  

The registered license plate holder receives the ticket, regardless of who was driving the vehicle. 

Tickets are mailed out within 23 days of the offence occurring. Typically, once the ticket is in the mail it will be delivered within a week. This means that you would most likely receive your ticket within 30 days of the offence occurring. 

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Today, the City is committed to working with Indigenous peoples and all residents to pursue a united path of reconciliation.

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