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Winter Maintenance

Our Winter Maintenance Policy explains how we address winter weather conditions to ensure safe travel for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and emergency vehicles in Kingston. We prioritize main roads and might make multiple passes before reaching residential areas. 

Not sure where to park during winter? Learn about Winter Parking

The Snowplow Tracker shows where we are actively clearing snow. The tracker frequently updates, showing what roads have been cleared.  

Significant weather events

A significant weather event refers to an impending or ongoing weather hazard that could pose a substantial threat to road users within a municipality. 

When such a hazard is anticipated, Environment Canada will issue a regional alert. When a significant weather event is declared, the notice will be announced on our website, X, and Facebook.

When there is a significant weather event it will take us longer than normal to clear streets and sidewalks. Winter maintenance service levels may not be met until after the weather passed, and we have caught up. 

Maintaining roads and sidewalks during winter weather

We monitor the current and forecasted weather from Oct. 1 to April 30. 

Road plowing 

After the precipitation stops, our response time is: 

    • Main roads addressed within four hours. 
    • Collector roads and bus routes addressed within six hours. 
    • Local residential roads addressed within 16 hours.

Sidewalk plowing 

During normal winter conditions, our response time is: 

    • High volume sidewalks addressed within 24 hours.
    • Residential sidewalks addressed within 48 hours.

Snowplow safety 

    • Give plow drivers space and maintain a safe distance. Stay at least three car lengths behind a plow. 
    • Never attempt to pass a plow and avoid driving beside one. 
    • If a plow is coming from the opposite direction, shift to the right to allow room; plows need to clear the center of the road. 
    • On multilane roads with a line of plows, be patient and avoid passing. 
    • Pedestrians should assume plow drivers cannot see you, and step into a visible area.
    • Caregivers should remind children not to play on roadside snowbanks or approach plows, even when they have stopped. 

Snow Angels - help clear a neighbour's snow or ice

Be a Snow Angel by helping a neighbour clear their driveway or walkways of snow and ice. It is a community way to show you care and keeping fire exits, doors, walkways, and hydrants clear of snow and ice can save lives! Learn more about Snow Angels Canada

The City of Kingston acknowledges that we are on the traditional homeland of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and the Huron-Wendat, and thanks these nations for their care and stewardship over this shared land.

Today, the City is committed to working with Indigenous peoples and all residents to pursue a united path of reconciliation.

Learn more about the City's reconciliation initiatives.

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