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Mother Nature can often dish out extreme winter weather. The City's Winter Control Plan outlines how the City responds to winter weather to help people, drivers and emergency vehicles move safely and efficiently around Kingston.  When it starts to snow, plows start to go.

Residents and business owners are asked to move safely, and to use common sense and patience when facing the challenges of winter. The links below offer an overview of what the City – and you – can do to contend with snow and ice.

Please note: the Snow Plow Lookup is available on the City's archive website.

Winter Parking Bylaw

No parking is allowed on city streets from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. between December 1 and March 31.  This overnight winter parking restrictions allows snow plows to clear roads effectively.

Snow Plow Safety

  • Be patient and keep a safe distance from plows. When travelling behind a plow, leave at least 3 car lengths of distance between you and the plow.
  • Do not drive beside a plow and NEVER pass a plow.
  • If a plow is approaching from the opposite direction, shift to the right of your lane to give some extra leeway. Plows need to clear the centre of the road too.
  • If you are on a multiple lane road (such as the 401) and there is a line of plows working, do not attempt to pass. Be patient and follow the plows at a safe distance.
  • Pedestrians: if you see a snow plow, assume the driver has not seen you and move off the sidewalk into a yard where you can be seen. Parents: children should be reminded not to play on, or build forts, in roadside snow banks and to not approach a plow, even if it has stopped.
Snow Removal Equipment