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Every year, the City considers adding traffic calming measures on a number of residential streets in response to concerns regarding speeding, shortcutting and aggressive motorist behaviour.  The City collects information on the streets experiencing these issues, develops plans for appropriate traffic calming measures and consults with affected residents.

Traffic calming measures that may be considered

  • Speed humps: A speed hump is a raised area of a roadway, which deflects both the wheels and frame of a traversing vehicle. It is longer than the wheelbase of most cars; this feature distinguishes it from a speed bump. Vehicles driving at about 30 km/h can drive with relative ease across a speed hump.
  • Curb extensions: A curb extension is a horizontal intrusion of the curb into the roadway resulting in a narrower section of roadway. The curb extension is extended on one or both sides of the roadway to reduce its width to as little as 6 metres for two-way traffic (see picture).
  • Reduced Speeds in School Zones:The City began reducing speed limits in school zones in 2012 and by the end of 2013, most school zones in the City will be posted with 40 km/h signs. In order to reduce motorist confusion and simplify enforcement, the 40 km/h speed limit is in effect at all times as opposed to during school hours only.

When developing proposed measures, the City considers:

  • Presence of Kingston Transit vehicles
  • Traffic-flow on neighbouring streets
  • Emergency vehicle requirements
  • Maintenance and snow removal needs
  • Impact on cyclists and pedestrians


Image - Traffic Calming

Curb Extension on a City street


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