Committee meeting 2018-11 will now be held Oct. 17 at 3 p.m. at 1211 John Counter Blvd. Please note that this meeting will discuss applications formerly scheduled for Oct.15, and will follow the same agenda.  

The Committee of Adjustment is composed of seven members, who are appointed by the Council of the City of Kingston and is guided by the provisions of the Official Plan, including Bylaws 98-1 and 98-4. The Committee of Adjustment is authorized by the Ontario Planning Act to grant minor variances from the provisions of the Zoning Bylaw, to permit extensions, enlargements or variations of existing legal non-conforming uses and give consent to an owner of land who wishes to sell, convey or transfer an interest "part" of their land.

The Committee's consent is also required when the terms of an agreement, such as a lease, easement or mortgage commits the land to a use for a period in excess of 21 years.


  • Christine J. Cannon
  • Kailin Che
  • Stephen Foster
  • Blaine Fudge
  • Mark Gladysz
  • Craig Leroux
  • Julie Scanlon