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Peter was born in Sydenham Ward.  Peter's father taught statistics at Queen's and his mother, who later taught Grade 1, walked to KGH on the day of his birth from their home on lower Albert Street. 

Peter spent six years studying the science of linguistics at Queen's, U of T, and Université Laval, and has lived abroad several times.  He speaks French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese fluently, and has a working knowledge of German and Russian.  He had a linguistics article published in 1994.  After leaving academia, Peter returned to Kingston in 1996 to study nursing at St. Lawrence College.

As an RN, Peter worked five years in local hospitals in emergency, palliative care and cardiac rehab, then completed a specialization diploma in critical care and has worked in intensive care at KGH for the last 10 years.

After the birth of his first child in 2008, Peter became interested in local issues, joining several volunteer boards, including the Frontenac Heritage Foundation and the Sydenham District Association (SDA).  As SDA Tree Committee Chair, in 2011 he oversaw a volunteer project to plant 18 new trees on hospital property along Ellerbeck Street.

He has history as an activist, helping to organize a coalition town hall to discuss the coalition accord and peaceful protests against healthcare cuts with Ontario Health Coalition. He helped launch the Ontario Municipal Board challenge that preserved the boundaries of Sydenham District, spoke publicly against the casino and against closing KCVI and QECVI, successfully lobbied the Mayor in 2012 to create a drought management strategy for city trees, and also advocates for greater pedestrian and cyclist safety.

Now living (and working) halfway between KGH and City Hall, Peter and his partner, Jessie, are raising their three young children in the Sydenham Ward Historic Conservation District.

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Councilor Peter Stroud