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On October 27, 2014 Ryan Boehme was elected as the councillor for Pittsburgh District.  Boehme was acclaimed as councillor for the Pittsburgh District in the 2018 election. He is humbled and honoured to be able to serve the people of the district and the City of Kingston for another four years. He lives in the Pittsburgh District with his wife Jacqueline and their children: Isabelle, Dominic and Alexa.

Boehme has always had an interest in politics going as far back as public school where he was an active member on the student council. In high school he was also on the student council and, in his senior year, was elected Student President. His love for politics and helping the community led him to run for city council and dedicate his time toward helping to improve the community and city.

As a city councillor, Boehme has served, chaired and vice-chaired many committees, such as: administrative policies (vice-chair); arts, recreation and community policies; rural advisory; rural/urban liaison advisory; Pittsburgh Community Benefit Fund; awards and nominations committees, to name a few. He has also served as deputy mayor.

Boehme has lived in the Kingston area his entire life and knows that Kingston will always be home for him and his family. He attended Ernestown Secondary School and LaSalle Secondary School. Boehme has attained a Journeyperson in Measurement and Communications. He succeeded at the Volunteer Firefighter Recruit Training program with Kingston Fire and Rescue and also attained his Fire Service Instructor Level 1 Certification. He is a graduate of St. Lawrence College and completed a B.A. with a concentration in political science at the Royal Military College with first class distinction in 2018.

To stay grounded, Boehme enjoys running a soccer team, playing hockey, learning guitar, home renovations, reading and, when some time frees up, he will complete his black belt in mixed martial arts as he is currently a brown belt ranking.

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