Construction is planned or underway at a number of the parks listed below. Please stay safely away from any construction areas.

Bayridge Park - Construction

Playground equipment replacements are planned for Bayridge Park. Construction Summer 2019. Project contact: Patricia Sharpe.

Belle Park Master Plan - Public engagement

The City is developing a master plan for Belle Park, a 80-acre park situated on a former landfill in the core of Kingston on the shores of the Cataraqui River. View engagement opportunities and timelines on the project page. Project contact: Neal Unsworth

Champlain Park Sportsfield - Construction

Proposed upgrades include new sports field and playground equipment upgrades. Champlain Park Playground will soon be open. The sports field will remain closed to allow the new seed to establish.  There will be additional new work starting later this summer that will include a new paved path connecting the school to the Leroy Grant pathway and a new paved court next to the school. Project contact: Patricia Sharpe.

Grass Creek Park washroom and change room - Construction

The City is planning an upgrade of the washroom and change building in Grass Creek Park. The project will involve the reuse of a post and beam structure that once sheltered the Phoebe antique steam launch exhibit. See the project page for public engagement opportunities. Construction: fall 2019. Project contact: Laurie Paquin

Hemlock Downs Park - Planning & design

Proposed park improvements include playground, pathway, seating and re-grading of the outfield to improve drainage. Construction: fall 2019. Project contact: Patricia Sharpe.

Jade Avenue Park - Construction

The City is building a new park on Jade Avenue in the Midland Park subdivision. Amenities proposed for the 1.5 acre park include a lawn, playground, pathways, seating and trees. Construction: summer 2019. Project contact: Laurie Paquin

James Nelson Park - Construction

Playground equipment replacements are planned for James Nelson Park. An information session was held Oct. 16 to receive feedback on the equipment options. Construction: summer 2019. Project contact: Patricia Sharpe.

Leroy Grant Pathway - Planning & design

The proposed Leroy Grant Pathway is a multi-use 1.3 km paved trail from Elliot Avenue to Third Avenue Park. It will be located within and adjacent to the road allowance of the proposed Leroy Grant Drive extension. The pathway is part of the City's Active Transportation Master Plan. 

McBurney Park - Public engagement

Improvements to the park include planning to convert the existing wading pool in McBurney Park to a splash pad and upgrades to make the washroom building accessible. Staff plan to use the footprint of the existing wading pool for the new splash pad, and will conduct archaeological studies before beginning construction. Construction: 2020. Project contact: Patricia Sharpe.

Meadowbrook Park - Construction

Proposed park improvements include playground upgrades, a new pathway and improved seasonal trails in naturalised area including in the dog park. Construction: 2019. Project contact: Patricia Sharpe.

Napier Street/St. Joseph and St. Mary school site - Design & Construction

The City is developing new parkland on the former Napier Street/St. Joseph and St. Mary school site at 671 Brock St. The new parkland will connect adjacent Churchill Park, incorporate Napier St. and connect to Macdonnell Street. Project contact: Chanda Sames.

Richardson Beach - Public engagement

Proposed improvements to Richardson Beach include improved access to the beach and water's edge, access to the water and shoreline improvements. Improvements to Richardson Beach were identified as the top priority in the Waterfront Master Plan. Project contact: Neal Unsworth

Rotary Park - Construction

"The City has permitted the Limestone Boat and Board Club to develop and operate a community led small craft club in the park. Installation of a public dock and storage container is occurring this summer. The club is also pursuing the future development of a boat club building. The club is open to all people. Information about the club can be found on their website. Project contact: Meghan Robidoux.

Rudd Avenue footpath - Public engagement

The City of Kingston is considering improvements to the current foot path that connects Rudd Avenue to Serpentine Lane. The foot path is located on municipally owned land. We are in the initial planning stages for the project and a surveyor has been hired to take the grades and note the tree locations this spring. Construction: 2019. Project contact: Neal Unsworth

Shannon Park - Design & Construction

Shannon Park will be renovated to include a multi-purpose sports court, refurbished sports fields, a playground, paths, seating and open lawn areas. The Community Response to Neighbourhood Concerns (CRNC) and the City, in partnership, completed the construction of a new skatepark in 2016. View the Shannon Park & Rideau Heights Community Centre project page for more details. Project contact: Neal Unsworth

Springer Park - Construction

New seasonal trail connecting Portsmouth Rd. to the Parkway path. Project contact: Patricia Sharpe.

Wayfinding, celebration & promotion of Kingston's waterfront - Design & construction

This project is intended to bring tangible way finding elements to guide, direct, lead, frame and highlight Kingston's waterfront, encouraging the community to connect physically and spiritually to the water. The community will be asked to give feedback on a way finding and artful elements strategy and ideas on branding and marketing Kingston's waterfront. View the wayfinding project page for more details.Project contact: Neal Unsworth

West Park - Construction

Improvements to the playground equipment, new safety surfacing and basketball pad updates are planned for West Park. Based on feedback received from public consultation, the refined concept is a blend of elements that were most preferred in the previous 2 concepts presented at the public open house. Additional items, such as the culvert replacements have been included as a result. Construction: 2019. Project contact: Patricia Sharpe

Wheathill Street Park - Public engagement

This new green space is being planned in partnership with the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE) and Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario (CEPEO). The future park will be adjacent to the future French secondary school and is proposed to be designed to allow a fluid connection between the sites.

Offer input on the proposed design and potential future name of a new 1.5 hectare being planned on Wheathill Street in the new West Village subdivision:



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