Construction to make improvements is planned or underway at a number of the parks listed below. Please stay safely away from construction areas.

100 Foot Park Pathway - Design & Construction

The 100 Foot Park Pathway runs between Highway 15 and the Cataraqui River between Medley Court and Limeridge Drive in the east end.

Proposed improvements include: some new surfacing, sections of asphalt for the steeper sections, a new bench, brush removal and removal of older chain link fence. See the detailed drawings.

Belle Park Ideas - Planning

The City wants your recreational and naturalization ideas for improving use of Belle Park.

Breakwater Park - Design & Construction

In March 2017, council approved funding for the renovation of Breakwater Park, including work to the shoreline and improvements to the Utilities Kingston Dock. View the park plans on the project page.

Cataraqui Estates Business Park Trail Extension - Design & Construction

As part of the extension of Centennial Drive, the existing trail system will also be expanded. The proposed trail will link users from the INVISTA Centre to the existing K&P Trail, through a beautiful woodlot within the Cataraqui Estates Business Park. The proposed trail extension includes landscaping improvements, natural rest areas along the trails as well as formal seating near the entrances of the trail. View the proposed trails

Caton's Park - Design & Construction

In 2015, Caton's Park, including the softball diamond, was closed to the public due to unsuitable soil conditions. As a result, the park is being remediated and improved. As part of this process park design options were assessed.

A public meeting in July discussed the proposed improvements for the park. Two design options were presented - one included a soccer field and the other one included a softball diamond.

The recommended park improvements are to renovate the softball diamond and not change the facility to a soccer field. View the final concept. Based on sports field booking data and trends, there is a need to keep the softball diamond and public feedback received supports this. Efforts will be made to minimize the amount of healthy tree removal in the park during remediation. The construction will be completed in the summer of 2017.

March 2017 update - Select trees and vegetation have been cleared, or pruned, in preparation for the renovation the park. Trees in poor condition and those assessed as potential hazards were removed.

The remaining renovations are set to begin this spring and include:

  • the demolition of the existing concrete block park building;
  • the reconstruction of the soft ball diamond; and
  • grading and landscaping, including new tree planting

Park construction will not affect the soccer fields and they will remain in use for the 2017 season.

Lions Civic Gardens - Planning

The City is seeking input on a proposed extension and upgrade of the pathway between Ridley Drive and Lions Civic Gardens. Upgrades include downward lite lighting along the pathway and extension of the existing pathway.

View the proposed pathway upgrades and offer feedback by Friday, Aug. 18 to Chanda Sames at The City is seeking the feedback on the proposed pathway extension in accordance with Ontario Regulation 191/11.

Meadowcrest and Madoma Parks - Design & Construction

The two former community centres have been demolished. Starting this spring, the following park improvements will be undertaken:

  • Madoma Park - Completenew pathways, shade shelter, picnic tables and refurbished tennis / basketball courts. View Final Plan
  • Meadowcrest Park: new pathways, picnic table, swings and basketball court. The softball diamond will be available during the construction phase.  Some interruption to the parking lot should be expected. View Final Plan

Memorial Centre Park - Complete

Proposed improvements to the playground and immediate area at the Memorial Centre include additional play equipment, new paths, seating, picnic tables and tree planting. The City is also considering enlarging the eating area at the pool. Construction is slated to start in the spring of 2017. View the final plan.

Niagara Park - Complete

This parkette – behind the homes on Lundy's Lane, Niagara Park Drive and Queenston Heights – is getting upgrades. The old play equipment will be removed and a new play equipment area including seating and a connecting path from Niagara Park will be constructed in the spring of  2017. View the existing conditions, site plan and the proposed equipment.

Rotary Park - Design & Construction

View the proposed improvements to the Rotary Park and Lemoine Point Conservation area driveway to enhance safety related to traffic speed, parking, cycling and pedestrians. Proposed upgrades include new traffic-calming measures at various points along the entire length of the driveway and improvements to the gravel shoulder near the dog park.

In the interim, parking has been restricted on the shoulder near the dog park until safety measures can be implemented.

Shannon's Corners Park - Design & Construction

Improvements slated for 2017 include the renovation of the ball diamond, with grading, fencing and sodding, sports field lighting upgrades and landscaping and tree planting. Park plan will be available April 11. View the concept plan.

Shannon Park - Design & Construction

Shannon Park will be renovated to include a multi-purpose sports court, refurbished sports fields, a playground, paths, seating and open lawn areas. The Community Response to Neighbourhood Concerns (CRNC) and the City, in partnership, have completed the construction of a new skatepark in 2016. Further park improvements are slated for 2017. View the Shannon Park & Rideau Heights Community Centre project page for more details.

Third Avenue Park - Complete

Proposed improvements include grading to improve drainage, a new playground with equipment and swings, a seating area, a connecting path from the street and tree planting. Construction is slated to start spring 2017. View the final plan

Urban K&P Trail - Complete

In May 2015, City Council asked staff to pursue a detailed work plan to extend the K&P Trail into the urban area of Kingston. The plan was to outline necessary time-sensitive steps, cost estimates and all possible route segment options to allow work on the urban K&P Trail to be completed in time for it to open on July 1, 2017.

Victoria Park - Complete

Upgrades to Victoria Park include a new water feature, spray pad and gathering area, improvements to the tennis and basketball courts, bioswale garden, foot bridge and 80 plus new trees. Park renovation will continue in spring 2017 and be completed in the fall of 2017. View the park plans on the project page.

Playground Upgrades

Lawrence Park: 693 Aylmer Crescent - Complete

This is a playground improvement project. The work includes a new pathway connecting the updated play area with new equipment and seating. View the proposed plans. Construction will begin in spring 2017.

Poplar Grove Park: 590 Glenview Avenue - Complete

This is a new playground installation. Work includes a new pathway connecting the play area with adjacent seating. View the proposed plan. Construction will begin in summer 2017.

Proposed Play Structure
Accessibility Concerns?
For any accessibility feedback related to the proposed improvements please contact the person listed for the project (in accordance with Ontario Regulation 191/11).