Neighbourhoods and communities are the social and physical building blocks of a city. Their vitality is fundamental to the overall health of a city and its residents.

To better understand the unique and diverse communities that make-up Kingston, the City has developed new tools that allow residents, planners and researchers to learn more about the communities we all live, work and play in. This is part of an ongoing effort to be transparent and make data available about our City and its services.

These community resources will:

  • Empower neighbourhoods and communities to come together through the use of meaningful and reliable data.
  • Provide researchers and planners with a comprehensive look at the strengths, challenges, opportunities and assets in each neighbourhood. This data can support neighbourhood-based planning, which is essential to building strong, healthy communities.

Community Census Profiles

Learn what the Census revealed about the City, its 43 distinct neighbourhoods and 12 electoral districts.

Use this tool if you are looking for:

  • Information from the 2016 Census about the City's neighbourhoods and electoral districts
  • Comparisons of your neighbourhood or district to the City as a whole
  • Printable ready-made profiles of neighbourhoods and electoral districts

View the Census Profiles

My Neighbourhood

Note: This tool is being developed with input from residents, and will be launched in 2019.

Discover the City services in your neighbourhood. Once available, this tool will allow you to discover:

  • Information about the location of City programs and services within your neighbourhood
  • City facilities near you
  • Local development and construction projects


Accessible Information
If you require information in an alternate format, please call 613-546-0000. We will work with you to understand your specific information and accessibility needs and to provide for them within a reasonable timeframe.